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How the Feedback System Works

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How the Feedback System Works Empty How the Feedback System Works

Post by Aerlith on Sat Nov 01, 2014 10:31 am

How the Feedback System Works Vfk4MLm

Hello everyone!

The purpose of this thread is to explain to you how the feedback badges would work and what is required for each of them. A lot of us joined this community so that we both meet more people and get feedback on our work. These badges are meant to bribe encourage everyone to become more involved in each other's work. Feedback does not have to be restricted to the Covers section. Anything in the Share Your Work category would be fine!
Please also note that you do not have to point out the flaws to someone's work. You can also tell them what you think they did well!

This should not need to be said, but outright flaming or hate will not count and will result in a warning. If you are giving critique, focus on giving suggestions (ex. mix could be improved in X, Y, Z ways; pinpointing out parts that may be off-pitch, etc).

There will be a thread each month for you to link to your feedback and receive points. If you do not provide the proof, then we cannot give you the badges. It is not the administration's responsibility to keep track of how many feedback points you earn. It is your responsibility. If you skip a month in giving feedback, you will still keep the amount of points you have earned!

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

The following badges are available through this Feedback System:

Penny for Your Thoughts for 25 Total Earned Points.
How the Feedback System Works Kaito_pennyforyourthoughts_

Just My Two Cents for 50 Total Earned Points.
How the Feedback System Works Luka_justmytwocents

Midas, Criti-King for 100 Total Earned Points
How the Feedback System Works Gakupo_midascritiking-2

Please note that there are two different types of points!

Total Points Earned: This number denotes how many points you have earned since the feedback system began. These are the points that go towards earning the badges.
Total Points Available: This number denotes how many points you have available to spend to request feedback. This number will fluctuate, but will never go above the Total Points Earned.

An example:

Say I have a total of 57 earned points and I have 20 points available. With the 57 points, this means that I can get both the Kaito and Luka badges. The 20 points means that I have already spent 37 points on requesting feedback. The points available will never be used to earn the badges. As long as your Total Earned Number is at the point requisite, and you notify the moderators, you will have the badge.

How the Feedback System Works 4P8Z8jY

Basic Feedback
This is the most basic feedback. You must write at least one or two comments about the work. Good points? Bad points? Either one is fine, although if you are only going to put bad, I would suggest you give some encouragement, too, so you don't completely discourage the person. You will receive ONE point for giving the Standard Basic Feedback. You will receive TWO points for fulfilling a Requested Basic Feedback.

Sample Basic Feedback wrote:Chinatsu96: Well, first I think it's good if you higher up your voice or lower the bgm a bit. Timing was a little bit off in the beginning (I think you're a bit after the music). But otherwise your voice is pretty ^^ I guess it's most about the mixing, but you're doing great! (Original link to post).

Sample Basic Feedback wrote:zz: I can't really give yoy any constructive critism on your voice due to the mic quality, but your higher range is definitely your strength. The powerful belting sounds great. Keep it up! Hope to hear more covers soon. (Original link to post).

Feedback like "You have a nice voice!" by itself will not count as basic feedback. One or two sentences more need to be added. You can tell what you liked about the singer's voice as an option.  

Not basic feedback wrote:Aerlith: Oh wow! I agree with Taifuu! You do such a good job belting! :D Listened to both Sleeping Beauty and Fujun. <3 And you need more subs! >w<Original link to post.

Intermediate Feedback.
This is intermediate-level feedback! Intermediate feedback is more in-depth on feedback and tends to explain any issues more detailed. The feedback may only cover two or three points, but the writer explains what it is about the issue that could use work or what it is about the work that they really enjoyed. The standard Intermediate Feedback gives you TWO points. Fulfilling someone's Intermediate Feedback Request will give you FOUR points.

Sample Intermediate Feedback wrote:sonic-nancy-fan: Lovely as usual Prairie Squirrel~ I only have two constructive criticisms for you. 1.Your voice is either drowned out by the music or the music is drowned out by your voice. It tends to be one or the other. That could just be a difference of headphones though. 2. Your voice fluctuates a lot when you are holding out a note. Its kind of hard to describe, but I noticed it  a couple of times in A Thousand Year Solo. Otherwise, your voice is really soft and airy but in a good way.~ (Original link to post).

Even though this is about the same length as the basic feedback sample, #2 makes it more specific and detailed because of how it points out what is happening in the song. The voice fluctuating a lot when the singer is holding notes. That is something that the singer could use as actual critique and work to improve on.

Sample Intermediate Feedback wrote:Riyumi: It's my pleasure~ Ahaha well it sounds good nonetheless whether you spend a lot or little time. I felt the acoustic of Sarishinohara let me really listen to your voice and enjoyed it just as much as the one you did with the original instrumental. The "I don't care who, but someone please date me one" made me giggle and it was a nice side to see as well ^^ It just had so much character and fit so well! It's really enjoyable to listen to songs when one's own personality, emotions, or adlibs are added! Keep up the good work and I'll be making my way through your newer uploads.

anywhoo...YAY~ a cover of Paradichlorobenzene >U< I don't see covers of it often (or maybe I'm just not looking ahaha). My favorite nnd version is Faneru/Asamaru/Jack's ver. Your version is very smooth and soothing to listen to. Your breaths are very natural, and the pitch you chose to sing made me feel bubbly and happy? I'm not quite sure, but I felt lighthearted and worry free. By listening to your version...I noticed the "oohs" in the BG...were the always there? I don't think it was as noticeable in Neru/Asamaru/Jack's ver. o-o; I've never noticed until now. Whatever the answer actually really compliments your vocals~ //shall stop this wall of text before I scare you away x-x (Original link to post).

The reason why this is intermediate feedback even though it's two paragraphs long is because it's about three different songs. The one that fits intermediate feedback the best would be the one talking about Padichlorobenzene. Riyumi mentions what she likes about the singer's voice, feedback on his breathing, and how well the instrumental fits his voice. The feedback on Sarishinohara is very short. "I don't really care who, but someone please date me" fits basic feedback better because it really focuses only on one point.

In-Depth Critique
Wow. You're going to try the in-depth, complete, advanced critique. Pat on the back for you! The in-depth critique points to various parts of the cover/translyrics/art/writing and tells us the good and the bad. You may specifically point out multiple parts (ex. pronunciation, wrong pitch, mixing errors) and discuss how to improve. You will receive THREE points for a Standard In-Depth Feedback and SIX points if you fulfill someone's Requested In-Depth Feedback.

Sample In-depth Critique wrote:Riyumi: Though there are no harmonies and you claim 'laziness'...It's still so beautiful! I'd so want to do my awkward dancing/swaying/spinning (would that even be called dancing?! LOL) to this song with someone >U< The feeling I get as I listen to your wonderful singing, is that of someone reading a letter out loud sweetly to someone special. It's as if each syllable sang carries off some deep emotion off to the sky and spreads out to resonate with people's hearts. It's rather touching and I can't help but feel overly sentimental and reflective. As for areas of improvement, I feel the parts like the beginning can sound a little more fluid (carry your notes a little longer before cutting it off short). For example: the "eto" cut off in Mahiru no tsuki eto sounds fluid but the "bi" in kabi kaka eta sounds a bit staccato-like. It just needs that little fraction of a second more. The following verse you sang shortly afterward, which had more or less the same melody as that line, was fluid though! It's a subtle detail that I don't think most people would mind (I don't ofc), but just some constructive critique that you may want to use or keep in mind for future pieces if you'd like? Other than that...a super job well done! If I can find room for that old dusty computer of mine with all my songs, I'd love to add it to my mp3 player--but having this favorite on YT should suffice for now ^^ (Original link to post).

Hope the examples help explain the differences among the three types of feedback. Once we get people participating, I will work on updating the thread with more examples.

I figure someone will ask, but YT video comments will not count. They need to be posted to the forums to count. 1) It is easier to keep track of, 2) Youtube has character limits, 3) If you want to give the feedback in both places, that is fine, but you do need to have at least a copy of the comments on YTC.

I want to Request Feedback!

Great! If you want to request feedback for a specific project, you must have the points available to spend it. This means if you want to request an In-Depth Critique, then you must have at LEAST six points available. Once the request has been fulfilled, the points will be subtracted from your Available points and given to the person who fulfilled the request. Note that the points will NOT be subtracted from your Total Earned Points!  

One last thing. Do not half-A@# your feedback just to get a badge.

If you have any questions or are unsure what type of feedback you are giving, feel free to ask in the monthly feedback threads!
Forever messing with staff.
Forever messing with staff.

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