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Board Rules [Updated: 28/Feb/2014]

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Board Rules [Updated: 28/Feb/2014] Empty Board Rules [Updated: 28/Feb/2014]

Post by YTChorus Mon Apr 08, 2013 11:05 pm

Board Rules [Updated: 28/Feb/2014] D4Q0zI1
Last Updated: 11 April 2013

Watch Your Language!
We have a lot of younger members in the community and whether or not they'll be "exposed" to it anyway, it doesn't look fantastic in a great forum. Therefore, please avoid swearing and whatnot when creating a new thread or post. Overall, we should try to be nice to each other. If you don't agree with a thread, avoid it or handle it with care. We will not tolerate flaming/bashing.

No spamming/Going off-topic!
Do not spam the forums with unnecessary posts that does not relate to the forum thread. Also, avoid going off-topic. We don't want threads to go off course. Please use PM to communicate with other members about other means. This rule may not apply in some social threads unless it is clearly unwanted.

Avoid bumping old threads!
To bump a thread is to post in an rather old thread without really needing to do so. There are some places (Such as in the Off-Topic category), group organization threads, and showcase threads that may be allowed to. If you're unsure if you may bump a thread, please PM a moderator and they will happily let you know.

No consecutive posting/No Double Posting!
Double posting is when you post a reply more two or more times in a row before anyone can reply. It is unnecessary and fills up the thread. Instead of posting twice, use the edit button if you have something more to say or add. When replying to different people, make your own quote tags. Try to keep all content into one post until someone else replies! There are exceptions such as showcase threads or an organization for a group dub where you may be allowed to as long as you're the creator of the thread or a helper in organizing a group dub. Again, if you are unsure if you are allowed to do something, please PM a moderator.

No Phishing/Inappropriate Material/Malicious Links/Hacking/etc.
This is quite obvious. We don't want any of the sort and this will not be tolerated at all. There was also be absolutely no mention of file sharing, torrents, and other illegal behavior that could get this site shut down. The staff will never ask for your password. We are not responsible for third-party links on the forum! Be cautious and report such to a moderator.

Take Advantage of the Spoiler Tag!
Although not a huge offense, there is a spoiler tag under the "Others" drop down when you create a new thread or make a new post. Please take advantage of it for the sake of others! It may also help condense your post when it is too lengthy.


Check before posting!
Although not a great offense, others might have already posted your topic! Please use the search function whenever possible. When posting, make sure you're posting in the correct forum, or PM a moderator to move it if you posted in the wrong forum.

No Stealing!
If it's not yours, don't claim it is! We will find out and we will not tolerate such. People put a lot of effort into their work. Please properly credit where credit is due.

Do not impersonate other members or people!
This is not a joke and most definitely not welcomed here.
This includes creating a username that someone else uses and pretending to be that person.
This will just lead to problems in the long run and is a serious offence!

Report a Thread! Don't get involved!
You may be penalized if you get involved in something that breaks the rules. Don't tell them not to do (that would be off-topic/spam), report it! You may do so by PMing a moderator!

Miscellaneous Rules

Account/Registration Rules
Do not sign up for the sake of advertising. It is rude and actions will be made if necessary. Do not create multiple accounts to avoid a ban or warning. Do not share accounts as this could lead to problems in the future! The staff will never ask for your password!

Posting Links/Sending PMs
To stop spammers, new users are not able to post any links for seven days. All members are also unable to send PMs until they have hit at least five posts. If you need to get five posts, please do not create useless spam. Instead, create an introduction thread or post in some of the clubs or word games! If you are caught posting spam, you will receive a warning. We are after all a community, so help build up the community by participating!

Chatbox Rules
While most rules that apply to the board also apply to the Chatbox located on the main page, it has its own rules located here: Click Here. I'm a link. The chatbox is open chatting about whatever and double-posting isn't uncommon since there is no edit button. However, please do not spam or flood the chatbox!

Becoming a Staff Member
Unless it is needed and openly mentioned, please do not ask to be a part of the staff (such as an Admin or a Moderator). While we do appreciate your help and enthusiasm, we just may not need any at the moment.

Regarding the Staff
We ask that you respect the staff and the decision they make to ensure that the community is a wonderful place. If you believe a decision was unjustly made, please contact that moderator or an administrator through PM, explaining the situation.

Profile Rules
We do not appreciate enormous signatures and avatar/icons running around the forum. Please keep it appropriate! It is tedious to scroll down and you will be asked to remove it if we believe it is too large. We will remove it ourselves if no action has been done. Please do not add flash players/music players into your avatar or signature that auto-start. Avoid flashy avatars or signatures that are too distracting. The maximum height for signatures is 500px. The width should not break the forum boundaries and create horizontal scroll bars. Click here for a guideline. Please use your best judgment!

Literacy/English Only
Always try to use your best spelling when creating a new thread or trying to communicate with someone. You will be taken more seriously if you do so. Also note that this board is strictly in English for sake of communication! Respect our International visitors who don't understand the local language. It's generally okay to sparsely include Japanese or other languages words here and there but don't overdo it! We usually ignore grammatical and spelling mistakes as long as we can understand you. There are some exceptions such as in threads made specifically for a language in Clubs and whatnot.

BBCode/Emoticon Abuse
No one appreciates the parade of emoticons and smileys trailing through your post. No one appreciates obnoxiously large or small text in your posts. No one appreciates the horrendously eye-piercing color that exists in your post. Please do not do them!
The minimum font size is "7".

And Finally...
Moderators and staff reserve the right to deal with situations in the way they believe is most appropriate, even if it is not clearly stated in the rules. They may do so without prior notice or warning. Thus, do your best to be considerate of others and avoid problems!

If you find someone who may be breaking the rules in any manner, feel free to report someone by clicking the link at the bottom right page of a thread that says Report an Abuse. Do not argue with them as you may be penalized for it as well! A moderator will immediately get it and take action if any is necessary. Be descriptive on what the problem is such as what the problem is and who did it. Do not abuse the report function as it is available everywhere!

We don't always see everything so it is essential everyone does their part!
Don't be afraid to use it!

NOTICE: Until we figure this out more, just contact a moderator or staff member for now!
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