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Chatbox Rules [Updated: 09/Apr/2013]

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Chatbox Rules [Updated: 09/Apr/2013] Empty Chatbox Rules [Updated: 09/Apr/2013]

Post by YTChorus Mon Apr 08, 2013 11:08 pm

Chatbox Rules [Updated: 09/Apr/2013] PUCRIx3
Last Updated: 09 April 2013

Please do not advertise your videos/work unless someone asks for it.
We have a separate board for that. You can find it here.

Do not spam or flood the chatbox.
You will receive a warning if you are spamming. Spamming is not contributing to the conversation, such as posting a bunch of letters in a row that make no sense. This also includes link spamming.  

No fighting.
If you have an issue, either take it to PMs or talk to a moderator, who can then act as a mediator.

Three strikes (warnings) will lead to a chat ban of thirty minutes.
Three more strikes will be an hour. Another three strike -> two hours, and three more after that -> three hours. You will still have access to the forums, but you will be unable to chat in the chatbox.

Make sure people can read your text.
Do not make your text white or in super bright/light colors (like yellow).

And Finally...
Moderators and staff reserve the right to deal with situations in the way they believe is most appropriate, even if it is not clearly stated in the rules. Thus, do your best to be considerate of others and avoid problems!

More rules may be added if needed.
If you want to report someone for spamming or fighting, please take screenshots and send to a moderator
Even if a moderator is Online/Away on the shoutbox, we cannot pay 100% attention to the shoutbox at all times. A moderator will address the issue and take action if any is necessary. Be descriptive on what the problem is such as what the problem is and who did it.

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