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Miro's Translyrics ll [Updated: 30-3-2013]

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Miro's Translyrics ll [Updated: 30-3-2013] Empty Miro's Translyrics ll [Updated: 30-3-2013]

Post by Miro Thu Oct 11, 2012 9:44 pm

I'm not too good at this yet, but please leave me your feedback. Some of the rhythms are slightly altered for my lyrics, so I'll try to get up some example videos to demonstrate.

I post lyrics on my Tumblr first.

Summer Rain [JAP→ENG]
original lyrics: Touka Nayuta
music and arrangement: Nem

virgin suicides [JAP→ENG]
original lyrics: Nem
music and arrangement: Nem

You and Beautiful World [JAP→ENG]
original lyrics: Yuyoyuppe
music and arrangement: Yuyoyuppe, Koman

glow [JAP→ENG]
original lyrics: keeno
music and arrangement: keeno

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