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※ mie.

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Post by mie. on Sat Sep 16, 2017 7:16 pm

omg i'ts been almost one year (!) since i was last here and i still didn't updated the thread (shameeeee)

during this last year i haven't been much active singing wise, but i still did some covers (click on the links!)

デツアーツアー / detour-tour
「LAY YOUR HANDS ON ME」// Kiznaiver OP (tv-size)
『You Only Live Once』// Yuri!!! on ICE ED (tv-size)
ミッドナイトに猫は笑う / The Cat Laughs at Midnight
嘘の火花 // クズの本懐 (Kuzu no Honkai) OP
さよーならみなさん / Goodbye Everyone

and this is it

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