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Why is Adobe Audition so hard for me to figure out!?

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Why is Adobe Audition so hard for me to figure out!? Empty Why is Adobe Audition so hard for me to figure out!?

Post by Guest Tue Mar 06, 2012 11:27 pm

I have heard nothing but good things about Adobe Audition, so I got it. It's just so frustrating! It's like I keep having issue after issue after issue. Am I doing something wrong?

The first annoyance is the sample rate thing. Every single time I import some audio, it has to convert the sample rate, which is annoying. Then I had an issue with the output/input sample rate not...working.

The second thing is timing. When I record my vocals and play it back, it's never timed right. I always have to shift it, which is fine, but...frustrating.

The third thing is it's navigation. The huge chunky audio strips suck when I'm trying to mix a full-blown chorus. Not sure how to fix.

Fourth is this weird problem I get for some reason where the audio just stops playing. It's like I go to play it, and it plays to a certain point and then there's no sound, even though I can clearly see the rest of the file/peaks.

Oh, and sometimes when I go to record, I can't. There's no option to arm for recording and I JUST DON'T UNDERSTAND WHYYY.

Then there are some effects I try to use and it says something about enabling the pre-render feature and I have no idea how to do that. [/sobs]

The only reason I REALLY want to use Adobe Audition is because of it's wonderful effects. If there is a way to use the VSTs/effects from Adobe Audition elsewhere (though I doubt it), let me know because that would be glorious. This is just way too difficult for me and I kind of want to cry, because I feel like it really shouldn't be this hard especially because I'm not inexperienced at all when it comes to mixing things. Adobe is just...IJASFAioaAISOASH.

If anyone has any basic tutorials/points...Just ANYTHING, please help. I'm driving myself crazy and I know I'm probably just being derp, but this is so difficult for me. xD

...CS5 is what I'm using, by the way. :C


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