Skullka aka Singing rat~

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Skullka aka Singing rat~

Post by Skullka on Sun Mar 15, 2015 10:21 am

Hey guys!!

Nice to meet you, I'm Skullka, teenage girl from Czechia, and I've decided to start singing in this community. Because ya know, Vocaloids are actually the only thing I care about lately, sooo...

I post quite a lot of "demos" on tumblr in my singing rat tag ( rat). But now, I've uploaded my firt official thing on youtube! I realize that there are lot of mistakes, but I wouldn't be able to put it online if I were as perfectionist as I wanted to, haha. So sorry, I will keep working and make sure my next covers sound better!!!

Have a nice day everyone!

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Re: Skullka aka Singing rat~

Post by kaelmorann on Mon Mar 16, 2015 7:24 am

Nice too meet ya skullka,

I'm Amaze with your voice Smile
I think your voice is perfectly fit with the song. You sing with good pitch, and have a good control of it
I can see you are trying to be perfectly as possible

But why the music volume is so small Sad i hope i can hear you blend so well with the music
Anyway good song, good cover, can't wait to see more
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