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Moving Old Cover Posts to 'Inactive/Past/etc.' Sections

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Moving Old Cover Posts to 'Inactive/Past/etc.' Sections Empty Moving Old Cover Posts to 'Inactive/Past/etc.' Sections

Post by sonic-nancy-fan Sun Aug 05, 2018 3:18 pm

Hi everyone! I decided that we really do need to move inactive/finished/etc. posts to their designated...inactive/finished/etc. sections. I'm going to be working on doing that for the next while. If I move your thread and it is not inactive or you'd like me to move it back, message me and I'll do so. I only really plan on moving threads that have been in-active for more than a year or so.

Also, if anybody has any site suggestions, let me know~ (I can't personally change the site theme, can suggest that, but I can't do a whole lot in that department Ha...ha...)

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