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✦ Mewms Animating Service! ✦ [open]

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✦ Mewms Animating Service! ✦ [open] Empty ✦ Mewms Animating Service! ✦ [open]

Post by mewmewmewm on Tue Dec 26, 2017 8:24 am


In an attempt to improve my skills in animation I will be opening up these temporary animation requests! 
a few things to note before getting started:


  • please no CB animation requests ;; I sadly don't usually have time for a planned chorus battle animation considering the deadlines that come with it
  • Please be considerate when requesting an animation - I am doing these for free and while I'm grateful to do it please don't ask for an animation with a very short deadline and expect me to automatically accept it 
  • In general I prefer chorus / duo / trio animations to solo animations but that doesn't mean that I won't accept your request if it is a solo!
  • Generally I won't accept a request for a video that is over 5 minutes long
  • please keep your deadlines to at LEAST 2 weeks 


type of collab (Chorus, duet, trio, solo, etc.) :
deadline : 
mix :
art being used : 
script :
staff (artist / mixers / singers) : 
main form of contact for communication? (discord, twitter, etc) :
anything you have in mind for this animation? Aesthetics etc. :

Current Requests!

for more info / requesting please contact me on twitter at
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