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Utaite Video Container (Needs better topic name)

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Utaite Video Container (Needs better topic name) Empty Utaite Video Container (Needs better topic name)

Post by Mr0ctober Mon Jul 11, 2016 5:16 pm

Looking at all the singers on Nico Douga, there's a freight-load of them at this point compared to the past. As much joy as I get from seeing all these singers, it's also tiresome to go through a lot of em video after video.

I didn't want to make a ytchannel to upload all the individual singers; Youtube is already doing that from the start in it's search function.
There's already a bunch of others doing it anyway so there's no shortage on uploaders either.

End result: I started multiplexing (mux for short) the singers into one video. For those not familiar with the term, it arranges multiple signals into a shared medium. In this case, multiple audio sources and/or videos are placed into one container.

MKV's the format used when I'm muxing all these audio files together into one video container. Since I've got over a hundred videos done and counting, I'd just want to share the results. 

Video Downloads will be on the 2nd post.

In order to listen to the other audio or switch video's, you need a media player that can play mkv video format. VLC or K-Lite codec pack should work. In the media player, right clicking should bring up the audio and video  options. Simple to change, just like switching languages in movies. That's how I got the idea of muxing, by watching badly dub Chinese movies and shortly after switching out of English.

Some song will be edited in order to be synced up to the videos's timer. So an originally slow song will sound like hell when condensed to a shorter time depending on the quality of the edit.

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Utaite Video Container (Needs better topic name) Empty Re: Utaite Video Container (Needs better topic name)

Post by Mr0ctober Mon Aug 15, 2016 11:53 am

*Status: Updating certain videos with Srt*


  • Unlinked Videos are place holders
  • A number of songs have been edited to sync up with the video.
  • Remixes may or may not be included depending on the song structure.
  • Some audio tracks do not start immediately. This is purposely done due to song constraints.
  • Some audio tracks do start immediately. This is purposely done due to song constraints.
  • If an audio track does not sync with the video yet it has the original tempo, that is an error so note me to let me fix that.
  • Video titles format will be in two forms, either |Romaji - ひらがな/漢字 - English| or |English - カタカナ|
  • Some songs may be updated with more singers or better editing.


Update list:
Songs added
Songs updated

Songs Added
Songs updated


Songs added

Songs Added:

Password: utaite

Numerals and Symbols:























Mikagura School Suite

Kagerou project

Anime Openings & Endings

Asu no Yozora Shoukaihan - アスノヨゾラ哨戒班 - Night Sky Patrol of Tomorrow
Planet Loop - 惑星ループ
金曜日のおはよう/ The Two Stories
Strobe Last - ストロボラスト
Alkaline Adult - アルカリ成人
A Vision Without You - キミナシビジョン
Just a game
Karakuri Pierrot - からくりピエロ
out of the hole
Knots Way
Telomere s First Cries - テロメアの産声
Night Walker - ナイトウォーカー
Oh boy, I'm running out of room on this one single post . . . I didn't even think that was possible on forums until it alerted me.
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