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Animation Services [Commissions!]

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Animation Services [Commissions!] Empty Animation Services [Commissions!]

Post by Jhalysz on Fri Oct 02, 2015 6:44 pm

Animation Services [Commissions!] Clutte10

Hey guys, I'm just your average art university student derping around on the internet that would like to make videos for you!

I want to be able to cater for people with small incomes that can't afford big, expensive videos but still want an original video for their song/chorus.
But I also love doing the larger videos, so prices will scale accordingly.

To the fun stuff!

I will only have 4 video projects on at the same time and commissions generally go on hold for the last week of a chorus battle


1. TenJiGoku CB
2. SCC - Marchen Girlfriend and Marchen Boyfriend
3. Open
4. Open (Super Simple Only)


Unless you've acquired permission from the original artists, I won't work with renders. [Insert stuff about copyright here that you probably don't care to hear about but is important anyway]
If for some reason there's nudity in your video, I am a.ok with that


Super Simple:




Prices depend on how many vocalists there
Lower = 4 or less /\ Higher = 5+

Super Simple  $5 - $10 (2-3 days)

Moderate  $20 - $40 (2-3 weeks)

Extreme $40 - $65 (1-2 months)
Hopefully the timings take into account the fact I study full time and may have assignments, but I haven't been able to test them yet


For orders over $10 half payment is expected before I start

Orders of $10 and less are to be paid in full when a draft/sketch is sent and confirmed

Contact me on skype (Jhalysz) or comment here and we can PM, if you’re interested and we can work out any details

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