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[Open] jibasaurpretzels' animation services

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[Open] jibasaurpretzels' animation services Empty [Open] jibasaurpretzels' animation services

Post by JibasaurPretzels on Sat Jul 29, 2017 7:36 pm

blue luv
Hey, everyone! I'm Kira, to introduce myself, I'm an AMV editor and a singer in the YouTaite community. I am able to animate your covers! Yayy~

「JibasaurPretzels' Animating Services」

Like I said, I can animate your covers. I usually do a simple animation, like adding shakes and lyrics, but I'll try to make something that is a bit more complex if it fits my style (or if it's a chorus). Anyway, it usually will take about a week or so to animate your video depending on how long it is, the style of the video, the difficulty and effort it will take to make it, and the time that I have to make it. I prefer happy-sounding songs, but you can send me an emotional one ehee~ Also, contacting me by email is not recommended because I don't check my emails that often.

「JibasaurPretzels' Animating Experience」:

「JibasaurPretzels' Contact」:

Skype: alliexxoshawottpichu
Discord: digimon ship rants#3988

Type of Video (solo, duet, chorus, etc.):
YouTube Channel:
Audio Link:
Colors That Will Be Used In The Video:
Style of the Video:
Pictures Used In The Video:

Anyway, bye-bye! I'll see you all later~  Happy Go Lucky
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