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Making vocals sound more blended

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Making vocals sound more blended Empty Making vocals sound more blended

Post by baobaochan Wed Aug 17, 2011 11:06 pm

Hi! First post :D anyway... How do I do this on audacity? Like I would record my voice and even after compressing/EQ, I don't feel like it sounds "part" of the song for some reason. it may be because I'm just used to my own voice so when I hear it it's weird? I don't know if I'm making sense here...

Maybe I'm not using the right program?

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Making vocals sound more blended Empty Re: Making vocals sound more blended

Post by ★ サンゴ チルー Thu Aug 18, 2011 9:38 am

It may be as if you aren't compressing enough. Try doing it even more, or maybe just try to equalize it. Most of this is better, and more efficient in a more professional type of audio engineering program, Adobe Audition. The most current version is CS5.5, but I use 3.0.

In this, you may go under Amplitude & Compressions > Dynamics Processing > Classic Softknee, which will pretty much compress the volumes to the point where they are pretty much equal. In Audacity, you could probably time the audio tracks, put the volumes as best as you can, and then add this effect to get the best result. After this, your best bet is to either play around on Special > Mastering OR Filter & EQ > ________ . I left the blank there because there are lots of equalizers and different ways you can make it sound how you want. I didn't specify the presets because depending on the song, you experiment and screw around to get it right how you want.

It would be nice if you went to the Introduction thread so we all can get to know you better. My name's Sango. If you need help with anything regarding to audio mixing, feel free to message me.
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