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ITT I abuse my admin powers

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ITT I abuse my admin powers - Page 4 Empty Re: ITT I abuse my admin powers

Post by fAi Wed Dec 02, 2009 1:19 am

Sakura桜 wrote:
JinSeng wrote:
Sakura桜 wrote:Jin is officially the creepiest 14year old i've ever met. D8(no kidding! i luv u too)
Fact, I think I'm slightly sadistic

im sorry but how do i say this im very scared of most forum/chatroom admins cuz they're always so... strict and angry and big and scary! but then i try approaching them as well. u just happens to be the first 14 admin sooooo.... oh well man ur still kool x) compared to all of the strict admins i've seen ur the cutest one so far... ._.

YES! I AGREE WITH SAKU-CHAN AND SHOY!!! these are just sooo true! i used to leave forum cuz the admin was no fun at all but YOU,ma a total freak that you made me stays for DAYS here!

and what i mean by no fun is perhaps because these admin is not really interactive with their member i they're sorta..unapproachable to me..but you a REALLY WEIRD're strict and scary and creepy and all that banhammer you carry around with ya hiiiihhhh....but no matter what you're still...ADORABLE! LOLOLOLOLOOLOLLOLS! just wanna poke you with a stick ya know thatt!! GRAAAH! i wanna poke you with sword cuz you're too adorable!!
*JLEB! JLEB!* [goes around to poke jin with Meiko's sword]

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