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[OPEN] Unnamed Cover Group

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[OPEN] Unnamed Cover Group Empty [OPEN] Unnamed Cover Group

Post by hatsuneleeku on Tue Sep 11, 2018 7:56 am

Hi! This group is currently unnamed but we'll be a Japanese cover group. We'll sing a variety of songs; most of which members will vote on.

There will be a total of 6 members (including myself), excluding mixer(s), animator(s) and artist(s).
All genders and voice types are wecome!
If you have any questions, please message cham#8986 (Discord) or @cccccham (Twitter).


A decent quality microphone. A little background noise is okay, but we really need your voice to be as clear as possible!

Discord. This will be our main form of communication and link/file sharing.

Be committed. Disappearing members is something we'd like to avoid. If at any point you do feel like leaving, please let the leader know!

Here's the audition form:

The deadline for auditions will be September 21st. Members may be chosen before this date, but it's unlikely.
Thank you!

Our public Discord server (open to anyone, regardless of whether you're part of the group or not):

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