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[MONTHLY THEME] March: Everything You Think is Wrong~Due March 31st

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[MONTHLY THEME] March: Everything You Think is Wrong~Due March 31st

Post by sonic-nancy-fan on Thu Mar 01, 2018 6:14 pm

Everything You Think is Wrong

March 15th is Everything You Think is Wrong day. The day is intended to celebrate how everybody has a bad day and that there's always a beautiful tomorrow just a dream away. For this theme, do a song that is completely different from what you normally do. Show your audience that you can branch out. If you are really hardcore set in your ways or you already cover a wide array of things, you can also do a song about the original purpose of the theme, talking about bad days. This could be a sad song about a bad day, or a happy song talking about how things will get better.


  • Your entry must be done in the month of March to be accepted. Please plan accordingly.
  • Your entry must fit the theme in mind. Rationale for your entry should be provided to explain, especially if it is not obvious why.
  • Your piece of work does not need to be vocaloid-related.
  • If you are covering a song, it should be at least 1:30 minutes long.
  • If you wish to write translyrics, please write translyrics for the whole song.
  • If you are doing art, please do at least half-body! A background is preferable, but if you can't do that, that is fine, too.
  • If you are doing a written piece, as long as it has to do with the themes mentioned above, it will be fine.

Not sure what to do?

  • Do the opposite of what you'd normally do. Sing happy-go-lucky songs? Try a rock song, etc.
  • Sing a song about a bad day or getting over a bad day. A lot of Vocaloid songs are sad, and a lot are bubbly. It shouldn't be too hard to find one.

[b]Twitter account:[/b] (If you have one, we'll be retweeting your covers on Twitter @YTCForums)
[b]Link to your entry:[/b] (If you have a portfolio, you can upload it to your
portfolio (ex. in Share Your Work) and then LINK to the post with the
[b]Name of your entry:[/b] (Please put the title the way you are UPLOADING the song. ex. 「HYBRID」❉【Aerlith】
[b]How does this entry fit the theme?:[/b] Please write at least 1-2 sentences about how your entry fits the theme.

Entries will only be accepted if you post them to the thread.
Please do not post a video on your portfolio or upload it onto your channel and expect us to just know that it is your entry for the monthly theme. You must also make a post about it in this thread linking to your entry.

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