[OPEN] Koi ni naratai aqurium English group [8 singers] [Mixer wanted]

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[OPEN] Koi ni naratai aqurium English group [8 singers] [Mixer wanted]

Post by Fluffy Cactus on Tue Oct 04, 2016 12:11 pm

Hi everyone, I am wanting to do a English group ver of Koi ni naritai Aquarium, I am looking for 8 other girls to join me in singing this song.
I really personally love this song a lot, its one of my fave sets and songs from the whole of aqours.
If your interested please fill out the form below.
Characters currently available:

Chika -
Riko -
You - Taken
Ruby -
Hanamaru -
Yoshiko -
Dia -
Kanan -
Mari -

Audition form

With the audition piece it doesnt have to be anything love live as long as its in English.
Auditions end: 15th Nov /or when i have everyone.
If your interested in mixing, just put a comment below and ill message you about it Smile
Anything else or questions your welcome to ask.
Fluffy Cactus

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