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Looking for Staff for TTB2015~

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Looking for Staff for TTB2015~

Post by Riyumi on Wed Mar 18, 2015 4:55 pm

Hello all~ As long as my list of projects are (most already recorded and just need to be finished in terms of mixing, art, and/or animation), I'm taking on another one as I wait~ 

If you haven't heard of TTB2015 (aka Teacup Trio Battle), here's where you can find all the info. you need click me!  Anywho...Akina, Izumi, and I are primarily looking for a mixer for our group ForTeaSimo! That's all we need left to register ^^, however--we would like to upload a video and are also searching for artists/animators.

Note: if you are an artist and feel it is a lot of work to do 3 people, I can certainly lend a hand in the process. Animating and mixing are out of my expertise, though.

If you're interested, please drop a comment below with your:

YT/Soundcloud/etc.: (if applicable)
Position: (Mixer, Animator, and/or Artist)
Samples: (2 of your best works pertaining to the position you want)
Best way of contact: (if here, list another mode of contact so I can still poke you about updates)

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