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Screamo. How the heck?

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Screamo. How the heck?

Post by Mr0ctober on Fri Aug 19, 2011 3:44 pm

Oh my, I'm actually asking a question Shocked .
Anyway I know there's lots of ways to sing. Yodeling, rapping, acapellas . . . those concepts I understand well enough. But there's one that I just can't wrap my head around . . . screamo.

How the heck do you people do those voices?! There's really no formal training unlike singing.
I heard there's more than one way to do those, but some can be pretty damaging to the voice.

Sure I can google it, get Expert Village's tips, see them "show off" and have them say
"that's how it's done".
And I wont know a damn thing more after watching.

Rather, I want to hear it from the people here instead.

Does voice type matter? Like a guy with a husky jazzy voice and a punk rocker singing, will one of them have an advantage over the other or does it come from practicing.
Honestly, I have never seen a Black person do a screamo =x . (Heard Kuri-n's tho, she sounds so cute when doing it lol.)

What's it feel like when screamin? Ya just relax your throat or you tighten it up?
Do you breathe out the same way as singing, but add different techniques?

Got more questions, but . . . meh, I'll just ask em later.
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Re: Screamo. How the heck?

Post by Albireo on Sat Aug 20, 2011 6:48 pm

You could search Etienne Sin's YT Channel, I think he has a Scream Course there (I haven't watched it yet though).

One thing I do know though is that it's not supposed to harm your throat if you're doing it properly.
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Re: Screamo. How the heck?

Post by FightingForSasuke on Sun Aug 28, 2011 9:49 am

HI I think maybe this could help.....
I myself am obsessed with screamo and for a while now have been trying to learn myself *am still in the process* I found these videos when I started and their the ones that helped me the most.... It took me a while to understand them and I probably couldn't have without actually using both but that's just me..

(He also has more awesome tutorials on his channel)

I can't guarantee they're the best but they were what helped the most for me

I'm not amazing at it myself but if there is something you don't understand from the videos you can always ask me..... Like I said the videos may not be the best way but they helped me alot and now I've come to understand it.... That and I had help from a friend who can scream...

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Re: Screamo. How the heck?

Post by スパークさん on Mon Aug 29, 2011 2:11 pm

I am indeed black, and I do screamo once in a while. 8D

When I do it, since my voice is like "jazz voice" deep, I just growl as I'm singing and make my voice inconceivably higher. OTL

Sometimes the highness + growling = voice kill "OTL which in turn means no singing for me for like a week or two 8D -shot-
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Re: Screamo. How the heck?

Post by Sponsored content

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