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What's YTChorus About?

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What's YTChorus About? Empty What's YTChorus About?

Post by YTChorus Sat Nov 21, 2009 12:16 am

What's YTChorus About? WgOZHNw
Hi all ~ Some of you who are still new to YTChorus might be wondering what is this forum about or maybe you don't even know what YTChorus is about.



YTChorus was created by RinSakuraRin on August 12, 2009
With the Help of our Special Helpers Nokkicon, kran117, ChiruKashu
and our Special Members sumirehana013, LukeKhun, annechan129, xXNaichiXx, OrenjiRin, NekochanNyanNyan, ShamanHime, NatsuRiiko & YunasLove

who helped her in making her very first chorus, and eventually, YTChorus was created!

The forum is currently being run by Aerlith. Moderators are DefectRila, Kagi, Sakura, Shinra, and Takumi. Chorus staff are Chisa, Onion, Shinano, Spoon, and Taifuu.

YTChorus is a space for vocalists/mixers/animators/artists/translyrics to sing, collaborate, or maybe just have fun together! We host events, chorus auditions, and the occasional mass chorus! Members are welcome to create and recruit for their own choruses. Everyone is encouraged to post their own work, be it covers, translyrics, writing, or art! Our goal is to create a comfortable place where everyone can grow together. 

We mainly focus on singing Vocaloid Songs.
That means JAPANESE SONGS ONLY. ( /w \ )
However, if you sing songs in other languages, you are welcome to share your work or recruit people for choruses of other languages! It is just that the YTChorus-organized choruses will always be in Japanese.

..。.:*・゚。.:*・゚PARTNERS.。.:*・゚. 。.:*・゚

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