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Nanairo Hearts Vocalist Auditions [OPEN]

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Nanairo Hearts Vocalist Auditions [OPEN] Empty Nanairo Hearts Vocalist Auditions [OPEN]

Post by xSayuri Sun Mar 23, 2014 9:26 pm

Nanairo Hearts is a net idol group, that instead is a group of soloists. Members however, will often work with each other on songs. Each member is represented by a color: Blue, orange, yellow, green, red, purple, or pink for a total of seven members. The first wave of auditions is now finished, however we are looking for four more members. The group will be creating original songs in the languages of French and English. We may expand to other languages later on as well. The types of songs in which you sing will be dependent on the color in which you represent. For video, singers will be creating their own music videos, and be required to record themselves.

You must audition at the website in the video link, pms or auditions here will be ignored.
Questions will be answered via facebook.

Requirements to audition :
• You must be older than 11 years old.
• You'll need to speak either French, English or Spanish
• You'll need to have one HD camera (at least 720px) and someone who can help you at filming and taking pictures of yourself.
• You'll must have at least one facebook account and one youtube account. 

Please notice :
• If you become a member of Nanairo Hearts, you'll can be in two groups at the same time, but we can not  guarantee that the other group will agree to accept.

Required documents to apply (join links in your audition form)
• One close-up video, filmed in front of a solid color area. You can choose any song. (at least 30 seconds)
• One action video. Film it everywhere you want, Choose a song you like and act like in a music video (walking on the street...). (at least 30 seconds)
• Two short song convers, one of an energetic song and one of a calm and peaceful one. (at least 1 minute each)
• Two photographs, as you'll take them for a CD jacket.

Looking forward to your auditions!
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