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Sourcing images/illustrations

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Sourcing images/illustrations Empty Sourcing images/illustrations

Post by HanyouGirl on Fri May 18, 2012 2:50 pm

Okay so, as an animator I normally end up with the extremely menial task of sourcing people images for choruses, and this can waste hours for me when I'm sourcing about 10+ for each chorus I do.

So I'm going to help you guys source your images to help others a bit and to show respect to the artist most importantly.

Zerochan, Safebooru, Danbooru,, minitokyo etc ARE NOT SOURCES they are merely sites to help you find images.

When I say source I mean the site where the image/illustration was initially uploaded, by the original artist, so sites such as DeviantArt, piapro, pixiv etc.

Hopefully most of the time sites like Zerochan will provide sources for images, but not always so I'll show a few ways to source if the original is not provided. (Since most people use Zerochan)

Please read all spoilers and note some images are large and need to be opened in a new tab to view fully.

Sourcing Example 1:

For a first example, here is a very simple sourcing where the link is provided by the Zerochan uploader.
Sourcing images/illustrations Googlehelp1a
This image shows who the original artist is, Hatsuko in this case, the artist will most likely be top of the tag list (or on Safebooru artist tags are red, other sites will vary) but make sure to check the tags for the artist's name.
Sourcing images/illustrations Googlehelp1b
Clicking the artists name should take you to other work the artist has done that has been uploaded on the site and also provide a source link, a pixiv link in this case, if there is not obvious link simply googling the pixiv ID number should also allow you to find their pixiv account and source correctly.

Sourcing Example 2:

There will be points where Zerochan or any other image site does not provide the original link.
Sourcing images/illustrations Googlehelp2a
Notice how, for this image, there is no artist tag so therefore you can not simply click a few links to find the original link.
Sourcing images/illustrations Googlehelp2b
If there is no artist tag, you should right click the image and select 'Copy Image URL' and the go to Google and do an image search.
Sourcing images/illustrations Googlehelp3a
By clicking the camera icon in the search bar you can search an image by it's URL or by uploading it if you have it saved on your computer.
Sourcing images/illustrations Googlehelp5
And a dialogue window will appear giving you options and allow you to paste the images URL into the box and search. This will also work for images that no longer exist on Zerochan, as long as you have the images URL.
Sourcing images/illustrations Googlehelp6
Hopefully here you will find the original site (Keep your eye open for art sites specifically) There is a DeviantArt link that appears but that is simple an edit DA and NOT the original artist (and technically breaking the rules by using someone elses art) so make sure to also check links to make sure that it is the original uploader. And look through a few pages incase the link is further back, sometimes it WILL take a bit of time to find.

Sourcing Example 3:

Sourcing images/illustrations Googlehelp7
If you can't find your image via Zerochan, other sites can be useful and provider links, as long you use the tags correctly. Or if you do use Safebooru this is an easy way to source. The red tag on Safebooru shows the artists, but it does not lead to the artists site. But notice the source link is not leading directly to the original site either, and clicking on it really won't get you to the site.
Sourcing images/illustrations Googlehelp8
Clicking on it will (probably) lead to a black page BUT make sure to copy the code that appears at the end of the URL as it is important.
Sourcing images/illustrations Googlehelp9
Once you have copied the number go to and open any random image, it does not matter which one.
This URL also has a code that appears at the end, so simply use the number that you previously copied from the Safebooru URL and paste it in place of the current one.
Sourcing images/illustrations Googlehelp11
After copying the number and pressing enter the page should refresh and you should be on the orginal pixiv page of the illustration and click on the artist's username to get to their profile and source the art properly.

Sourcing Example 4:

For this example it in necessary to download the plugin from which I highly recommend and is incredibly simple to use.
Sourcing images/illustrations Untitlededit1
For this example, I just chose a random image in the IA tag, and even though this lovely person has properly sourced we will try to find the pixiv anyway and it's very simple, simple right click and follow the options shown.
Sourcing images/illustrations 2b
A new tab should open with the SauceNao page showing the closest match to your image and provide you with links to the image and the pixiv user, it will also provide the next few closest in similarity if the top image is not the one you were looking for. (Warning, sometimes you can get very *cough*graphic*cough* screenshots as your closest result.
Sourcing images/illustrations 3f
If any of the options are not what you are looking for simply scroll down and select advanced options where you can input the images url and ask the site to specifically look for pixiv images under Database.

I can also recommend for sourcing images.

These are a few ways I've found sourcing to work, some take more time than others but it is worth it to respect the artist. I'm not saying I'm perfect and always source my art but I try my best.

If you can't be bothered with the more complicated ways to source then simple choose another image with simple sourcing options.

There are probably other ways to do this but there are just ways that I do it.
(If this is in the wrong topic then sorry)


SauceNao have developed add-ons for Google Chrome and Firefox where simply right clicking an image will allow you to find it's source.
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