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Maybe i did harm my throat...?

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Maybe i did harm my throat...? Empty Maybe i did harm my throat...?

Post by Shiyiou on Thu Jul 21, 2011 8:21 pm

Well, some days ago, i went outside and idk why but fresh air always makes my throat want to sing. that day i was mostly outside, and pretty relaxed just a bit anxious because i wanted an package that i bought sometime ago. Then when i arrived home, i decided to record "Who Killed U.N Owen?" with my cousin there and i had the same problem with pheglm that most of you know, so i drink hot tea and the recording went fine ( With exercises and warm-up and everything before), except that i had to do around 3 times because my audacity was lagging. ok, so the point is, i think i used a more high pitched tune in my voice and maybe my throat after that was somewhat tired. The next day i tried singing something and it's not just that i didn't had the tune i wanted, i didn't ENJOYED it. Yeah, i didn't feel comfortable. and you know that you can't sing well without enjoying it, idk if you know what i mean by that but...ok
i can't remember if i continued singing after that the following days but now and yesterday i tried again and happened the same thing, i tried to relax because i thought that maybe i was tense by taking a nap without sleeping for 2 minutes, and then was better,i enjoyed a little but i didn't reach the tune i want.

So i realized, maybe i harmed my throat, because it hurts a little like it's full of tension and hurt. and maybe i burned it with the hot tea. and maybe because i did drink the tea looking up so the tea could exit all pheglm. this morning i tried tea with lemon. it didn't work anyway.

So, anyone could tell me how te heck can i recover my throat? i want to record a song for a friend as birthday present quickly. >.< ( I still don't have my definitive voice.)
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Maybe i did harm my throat...? Empty Re: Maybe i did harm my throat...?

Post by epicninja42 on Mon Aug 08, 2011 8:06 pm

Rest it by avoiding talking as much as possible.
Drink TONS and TONS of water. No soda!
Take a break from singing.
If you feel like you need to, cough. It's healthy.
I've been dealing with throat harm for quite a while now, if you follow these tips it can be dealt with in a week or even less! I love you

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