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How to Organize a Chorus

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How to Organize a Chorus Empty How to Organize a Chorus

Post by Aniki on Fri Mar 25, 2011 2:46 am

This is what happens when you get really bored, and you have nothing to do.

So our resident manager-of-everything, Myst (Mystraven), who threatens us if we don't do lines for our birthday choruses, decided to write a really detailed How-to on chorus organizing. We're really lazy and forgetful, and we all need a do-lines monster to pester us to do our stuff all the time.

Then, I realized, it would probably would benefit a lot of other people who don't know where to start, so with her permission, I'm posting it here.

This was mostly written with birthday choruses in mind (because that's pretty much all my friends and I seem to be involved in lately), but it is most certainly applicable to other choruses anyone plans on organizing.

Step-by-Step guide on how to organize a (birthday) chorus so that it will come out on time

1. Determine the people who will be in the chorus

    * Dependent on subject in question
    * Aim for under 10
    * Do not exceed 15 (birthday chorus related. We have a 19 person group that we had to split into two choruses for)

1.1 Create method of contact

    * Master organizer contact everyone individually via PM
    * Communal place for everyone to be in contact for everyone (i.e. Skype)

1.2 Contact all participants

    * Confirmatory statement from contacted participants to master organizer
      - Master organizer should either set a deadline for the response if it is not in real-time, or just ask in real-time

    * Addition to community
      - In the case a participant does not want to added to the community due, person must have a liaison to be in contact with them. If no one is able to, it is the master organizer’s responsibility to do so

2. Determine song
-=Birthday chorus related=-
(However some may be within your interest to read, such as things to consider when choosing a song to make a chorus of)

    * Based on the subject’s preferences
    * Preference of subject overrides preference of participants, but participant input is also important
      - Song meaning
      - Rhythm
      - Amount of lines
      - Ability to chorus-fy the chorus.

2.1. Determine roles of technical workers

    * Scripter
    * Mixer
      - Mic fixing
      - Timing
      - Effects

    * Animator
      - Photoshop Helpers

3. Scripting

    * Started once all members are confirmed
      - Lines can be split beforehand

    * Determine a guide version for people to use
      - Some personal versions have random additions/subtractions/note changes to them, so just for consistency

      - Equal amount of lines for everyone
      - Degree of blending for voices are
      - Solo lines vs. Group parts
      - Harmonies and Ad-libs

    * Upload script to somewhere accessible
      - Google Docs
      - Send it to each person individually

    * Once the script is out, participants must be committed to this project.
    * *** Even with one person’s lines missing, the whole project will be brought to a complete halt and cannot go forward

3.1 Animation Brainstorming

    * Animator can start speculating ideas for the chorus
    * Gather images for how people want to be represented
    * Photoshopping /o/

4. DO LINES (Recording)
****With no lines, there will no chorus, and the whole project will fall apart****

      - Everyone is always excited for a day, and as soon as the script is out, they’re too lazy to do it, or cannot find time to do it
      - Have a deadline in mind, and set it 1-2 weeks beforehand, depending on the habits of people

    * Enforce the deadline
      - Once things go past deadline, they never get done. And then people will procrastinate as much as they can.

    * Once lines are completed by participants, they will be sent to the mixer
      - If the mixer is not available to receive the mix, the mix must be sent to someone who will be in contact with the mixer, or uploaded online where the mixer can receive the lines at any given moment

5. Mixing (Stuff happens here; I really don’t know what)

    * Mic fixing so all the raw vocals sound mostly alike in quality and have little to no white noise
    * ***It’s also nice to have all lines in before this stage of the chorus
      - Timing
      - Effects
      - Magic

    * There is a mixing help subforum if you need help.
    * The The Beginner's Guide to Mixing may be a good place to start. But it's best to find an experience mixer who actually knows what t

6. Animation (More stuff happens here I am not sure of)

    * Best to do so only when the final mix is out
      -People may add things (ie adlibs) or change things around which may result in an inaccurate animation in the end.

    * All elements of the animation should be prepared beforehand
      - Character Images
      - Nameplates/icons
      - Background
      - Transitional elements

    * Do that animation stuff
      - Timing
      - Transitions
      - Messages
      - Labels
      - Subtitles
        + Original Japanese
        + Translation
        + Romanization

    * ***Consider rendering time and factor that into the deadline of the project.
    * Encode if necessary (Probably a good idea, and another step I do not understand)
    * There is a video help subforum if you need help.
    * The Sony Vegas for Starters tutorial might come in handy due to the fact that most users here like to animate with sony vegas.
    * Again, it is best to find an experienced animator, however they may be rather scarce.

7. Uploading

    * Determine an account to upload the video onto
    * Send video to said person to upload/Have the animator upload the file
    * Insert blurb about the chorus itself
    * Insert credits:
      - Participants
      - Mixer
      - Animator
      - Sources used
        +Remember to check the usage polices of your sources. Some people can get upset if you don't creit them, and some don't allow public usage at all (ie. art)

    * ***Also factor in upload time

8. Link chorus to person said chorus is for

    * It’d be really sad if they do not actually see it
    * Consider having them in a call or something just to hear their reaction

***I would recommend 6-8 weeks total to prepare for a chorus
Week 1: Gathering Members/Confirming Members/Deciding on song
Week 2: Script
Week 3-4: Record Lines
Week:4-6: Mix
Week 5-8: Animate/Double Check work

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How to Organize a Chorus Empty Re: How to Organize a Chorus

Post by knightrogen on Wed May 11, 2011 12:48 pm

This seems pretty useful.
I'm helping to plan some chorus-related event, do you think she would mind if I use this?

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How to Organize a Chorus Empty Re: How to Organize a Chorus

Post by Aniki on Wed May 11, 2011 1:22 pm

Of course not, the point of it being posted here is to help other people. XD

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How to Organize a Chorus Empty Re: How to Organize a Chorus

Post by LemonP on Thu May 12, 2011 7:04 am

*likes this* if it were on fb 8D
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How to Organize a Chorus Empty Re: How to Organize a Chorus

Post by Sponsored content

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