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Graphics by Ruri

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Graphics by Ruri Empty Graphics by Ruri

Post by stillrolling Fri Jan 28, 2011 6:08 pm

Hi there! If you've clicked this topic, then you're probably interested in seeing my graphics and maybe you're even to get a graphic or two?

Not a problem! I'd be happy to make something for you c:

Please note that my style is more minimalistic than most others (less is more!) - if you're looking for something super extravagant, you're in the wrong place (:

If you'd like to find Vocaloid icons just for general use, you can find my icons @ my livejournal community (just search for the *cosmodroid tag!). I have a hugeee Vocaloid bias so I will most likely always post tons of Vocaloid icons <:

Some examples of my work:

Megurine Luka signature (v. v. old)
Akaito signature (also v. v. old)
Sonozaki Mion (Higurashi) signature
Synchronicity icon/text signature (olddd)
Girlfriends (by Morinaga Milk) manga coloring (olddd)
Pandora Hearts manga coloring (even older)

Kaai Yuki signature
Miku/Luka Magnet signature
OC Signature (Luka face claim)
Site banner (Touhou)
Manga no Tsukurikata manga coloring (Kawaguchi)

If you'd like to request something - please include your name, what picture(s) you want used, what kind of graphics would you like, what text do you want on them (be specific), any color schemes, specific font preferences, etc. Thanks!

[s]and I use GIMP for the record 8D[/s]
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