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[Open] Want to find a vocalist for my demoscene music

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[Open] Want to find a vocalist for my demoscene music

Post by KoolKool993 on Sat Mar 31, 2018 10:49 pm

Introduce myself
My name is Nam and i'm a instrumental amatuer composer

i have done a instrumental track, that will serve for a planning demoscene video background music, no business, no commercial involved, everything is for passion!

so i really need a vocalist who can help me sing for my track, it's only one track, short and quite simple, there is singing melody for easier working with, you only need to sing 1/2 part of the song, or if the whole, highly appreciated! i will also be grateful if you can help me with lyrics as well!

i didn't have any requirement, but see if your singing style can fit for a strong fast techno sounding track, no matter you are male or female!

even passion is not free, .........i can pay.... if you ask   Neutral

reach me at mrkookflash* (replaced * with @)
or discord, my id is omegahainam#9127
or you can comment here, inbox me here

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