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Chach's Covers

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Chach's Covers

Post by Cherucha on Sat Feb 13, 2016 8:53 am

Hi guy's thanks for stopping by to check out my stuff, I hope its good I never really know lol. I have beta listeners that listen to my covers before I finish. However I never know until someone comments eventually. So stops by and say Hi I like talking to other people who do this stuff. Feel free to link me to your channels and works too I would love to see um.

I am putting a link to my channel and my song playlist I am only posting my favorite covers in this post cause, I have a ton of them would take forever to type and link them all out lol, cause all together I have about 55 covers, it lazy if you want I call it saving time.

Youtube Link

Playlist Link

My Favorite Covers 


Dawn & Firefly (English)

This Fucked up Wonderful World Exists for me (English Cover)

Goodnight Tonight (English Cover)

Sakura-Colored Time Capsule (English Cover)

Sayonara Midnight  (English Cover)

Gunjou Rain English Cover

Headphone Actor  English Cover

Other Mix's 

I'll be Strong since I can be Kind(Chorus)

Just be Friends(Chorus 14 ppl)

World is Mine(Chorus 13 Ppl)

Ayano no Koufuku Ririon(Chorus of Choruses)

Love Distance Long Affair(8 person chorus)

Original Compositions

Another Quite Day in the Village

Feeling of Rain

A day of Life

Just for you(Feat.Miku Hatsune Coming next year)
Talking Fruit/Vegetable

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Re: Chach's Covers

Post by yourfavoritejune on Mon Feb 15, 2016 10:38 pm

Your voice is nice, but it seems like you have a tendency to hang a bit flat on some notes? Maybe you need some more support from your diaphragm ^^

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