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{Kurawal's Box}

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{Kurawal's Box}

Post by kurawal on Sun Aug 23, 2015 11:27 pm

Heya! This is my first time posting promoting my own covers in a forum haha. It's kinda scary tbh. Confused /shot
I tend to cover rock songs, though I also like electro and sometimes ballad. I like acoustic songs too! My mixing is just so-so though, lel. I can't do harmonies though orz, still learning how-to.

I regularly do collabs with my friends (ゆ.ca and Yuuki Ver.) and together we form the Maatthcha trio, check out our collabs here!
I also did some collabs with other people, and I'm always curious as to what my voice will sound like with different people. So feel free to ask me for collab! Happiness Fair warning though, I'm currently on my internship period so it may take some time(read: months) before I finish my part, but I'll do it. I promise!

This is my most recent cover! I hope posting soundcloud link is okay (can't embed it here) and I can't upload to youtube atm.
I can't cover as much as I used to, but I'm aiming to post one track a month for now! Happy Go Lucky

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