Your Journey of YT and Vocaloid community?

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Your Journey of YT and Vocaloid community?

Post by Shinano15 on Thu Mar 20, 2014 6:03 pm

As a fellow YT member of the community, I'm very curious on how we all started our journey on this. I'm curious on how everyone here was introduced to the community ( and to YouTube in general ) and where ( or who ) did u learn abut Vocaloid? And ofc, how much has this whole thing ( the community + Vocaloid ) has effected u? U can tell a story of ur journey or keep it short owo either way works

I'll start of with myself:

I started my whole YT channel back in 2009 ( Oct. 9, 2009 ) and now it's been almost 4 and half years since I've been on YT. My very first channel, sadly gone and deleted with my 1k subs T ^T)9 was TouHitsuNumber10 Very anime orianted yes Ik LOL And back then, that was my purpose when I started this whole YouTube thing. I only subbed anime songs and I made them with windows movie maker ( so old fashion, ah I remember those old days Happiness) and rlly that's all I ever did with my YT. I attempted to make AMVs with wmm but lol didn't work out that well. I think my very first AMV was a Bleach based with the song Bring Me To Life by Evanescence. Ahhhhhh, I wish I still had the video to show u guys but LOL xD the video is looooong gone lol it was terrible as well so lol And, the way YT looks now LOL It looked way WAAAY different than it does now so I grew up watching it changed ( I'm not that THAT old, only 17 guys lol plz )

But it was abut a few months after I joined ( I think ) or later that Vocaloid came into my life. I was in 7th grade when one of my classmate introduced me to the whole idea of Vocaloid. My first video was the mixed Kokoro x Kiseki with Kagamine Rin & Len ( hence the reason why I'm so in love with the twins, especially Len ). From there I started to build up on Vocaloid songs. When my classmate was still into Vocaloid ( now she hates it, idk why ) she would always help in with their names xD I had a very VERY hard time remember all of their names, and now all the new ones coming out--plz don't get me started on the new V3's :lost soul:but anyways lol xD I got more and more into Vocaloid! Some of the very old songs I remember was Just be Friends ( Awh yea ) and Magnet ( uhhuh, u bet ) Revolution ( Gokujou in case u don't know the English trans ), Cendrillon, Evil Series ( Love<3 ), World is Mine, and ofc I can go on for the good oldie songs lol but I haven't been introduced to the YT community, in fact the community of YT wasn't this big!! Believe it or not it was pretty small considering so. The very first battle chorus ever was YTChorus Battle, and although I didn't get to go onto round two ( becuz I was a last minute person in the group lol ), I did get to meet a lot of people from being pushed into a chorus xD From there I did learn more and more abut Vocaloid. I think from almost half a year into this ( prbbly just a few months after ) I learned abut Nico Douga! And back then it was ALLLLL Japanese lol no English like today. I'm not active on there as I am here, but one day I will be :kirakira:ahem lol but I think around that time I got introduced into Utaite Singers from NND! I fell in love and my first ever singer to listen to was clear<33333 He is my number one idol and number one with Nano following under as Number one #2 ( that made no sense LOL ) But it was then I started to expand into the community into choruses of NND! That's when I started to mix choruses from NND. Ahh, I don't remember my very first chorus I mixed...but it was crappy xD

I actually heard of this forum idea from a video ( I think )...I don't recall too well actually xD but I joined many choruses after I joined my first chorus and I joined as a genderless at first. But things escalated from me calling myself genderless to being defined as a boy. So, after abut a year of "being a boy" I was conflicting with my boy side and my real self and left as "the boy" and erased all content of being related to that boy in the community. I'll keep that identity a secret for many reason. A bit personal, but after a few months of break I came back as who I am today! Shinano! :happiness:Although, I do miss my moments with my old friend as being a boy I feel much better starting new as who I rlly am. If I could face those ppl I met back as that boy I honestly don't know what I would even say to them ( i'm still scared to face them to this day and telling them the truth Crying) but I'm meeting more and more lovely ppl and to be on YT community and watch it grow has been on the the best parts of my life. :happiness:I love all the ppl on here ( even if they dont know I fangirl over them secertly ) I'm happy to be part of something that makes me, ME Happy

Ha...ha... I think that was a bit more personal than I thought I'd do, but that's okay so now, tell me abut you! Tell us how your YT journey began?


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Re: Your Journey of YT and Vocaloid community?

Post by Nauliz on Thu Mar 20, 2014 7:34 pm

wuah, a veteran D8 Heillllll ~~~~~~ -slapped-

Alrite, gomen for the grammar in advance _(:3_

Let's start with how I met vocaloid, It was 2010, and some of my FB friends (FB is my lurking place FYI  Happiness  ) start tagging me with Vocaloid's photos and some videos, at first I was like "Ehhh . . . video, yada" so, I just know them through the pict (never heard how they sound/sing). At that times, My favorite vocaloid  is KAITO (STILL DO NOW :DDD)

Let's skip to the time I first listened to vocaloid, It was on OSU! (any Osu players here ?  Happiness ) and the song is Rubik cube, Miku's version. "Is this how they sound ? D: How the hell it's so popular ?" Maybe at the time, I still don't appreciate how robotic voice sounds.
And on OSU! too, I found NNC :DDD It was Rolling girl chorus, I already heard the miku's version but there's no video on the beatmap, so, I don't really get what the hell is the song mean, but, on the NNC one, There's a video, and I cried, rly |DD

So, in a way, I fall in love with NNC before Vocaloid '3'

After that, I start my journey on listening to moar and moar NNC and Vocaloid song.
On one of my search, I found YTC video :3, Dear you (Or just "You" ?). and I fell in love *^*
Hmmm . . . . so, If someone asked where I started singing, I would say that It started with that YTC video '3'

2 years after founding that video, here I am '3'


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Re: Your Journey of YT and Vocaloid community?

Post by Kimoicchi on Thu Mar 20, 2014 8:02 pm

... I sorta forgot how I even got into it. It was like... 2008 I got into vocaloid somehow, through browsing youtube as usual.

Back then no one really talked to me about vocaloid except my imouto, and we'd always watch the weekly rankings to find new songs. I would sing Melt, Magnet, and Just be Friends crack versions with her. Somehow we both sorta lost track of all the new songs and new vocaloids coming out (somewhere after GUMI), and lost interest.

I managed to stalk a friend down from Deviantart all the way to which class she was in at my school, and became vocaloid friends with her. But she didn't really sing orz.

As for covers, my first cover was an attempt to prove to a friend that I could sing SPICE one octave lower than the original pitch. People didn't believe I could sing that low, but I posted the cracks I sang with my sis in 2008 on an old account, but that was it. I mostly uploaded piano covers on youtube or convention videos.

Utaite influence on me was pretty sugoi. I clicked a song I thought was by Len when I was still obsessed with vocaloid, and heard some deep voice that wasn't Len. Turns out it was Tourai! I ended up going from Tourai to Clear, Dasoku, Valshe, and so on. (.... All the 2008 active utaite at the time)

Nowadays I don't really know any new vocaloid songs unless they get introduced to me. I don't remember exactly why I decided to get back into uploading covers, perhaps it was my choice to join my club karaoke nights and meet AELITA(*ageha), or it was at Anime Idol contest at conventions that I met singers like Ruru, Krovi, etc. (Or maybe I just wanted to show off idk)

I always wanted to be a trap because Valshe was a huge influence on me, but I stopped caring as I got older. I restarted my current account as a troll account, uploading under "utattemita/歌ってみた” tags and using a ton of Japanese, but the actual singing was just a bunch of screaming and getting the lyrics wrong. I was told my voice was boring a lot so it got to me that I should be SUPER PASSIONATE and go all out (after some Gero/Glutamine/Yoppei influence). I still keep this in mind and just scream my songs a lot. Occasionally I decided to calm my tits and just sing like a normal person, but it's sorta... dead sounding. Someone asked me if I was a trap on my new account because the first cover (low voice) and my second cover (high voice) was VERY different. But being a troll, I just replied, "what's a trap?"

I hang out with Aelita-senpai regularly now, since we go to the same university, but she's still mad about the older youtaites and the drama they have. Everyone she knew, like Ashe, Razzy, Jubyphonic, and the like, were either "Arrogant" or "Never translyrics accurately"... I thought she was .. ugh...

So I'm very wary about the maturity level of the people on youtube, about how people get offended way too easily (I think I already offended someone unintentionally) and the possible drama that may arise from people who sing well and look down on people who don't sing well. (Quite a few of these may be because many youtaites are around 14-17, some even younger).

I joined YT forums under a different name before, just to lurk around, but now I'm an active member. The reason I joined was mostly through deviantart utaite groups, and trying to find a singing buddy to duet with because I was forced to self duet after my imouto decided not to sing with me anymore. Generally, I'm here because I want friends who like to sing, and want to sing with me. I don't want to get into any drama about skills, gender alienation and whatnot.

As for my activity on YT, I generally don't subscribe to people unless necessary, so I don't really hate your singing or anything, I just don't want my dash clogged up. (plus I really don't want to get too involved if something drama-y happens)



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Re: Your Journey of YT and Vocaloid community?

Post by KaRei on Thu Mar 20, 2014 10:20 pm

i forgot when i started on youtube, but i actually started with gaming videos and then random vlogs. at the time, i wasn't too into vocaloid songs so i didn't really get into them until relatively recently (hence i come across old songs all the time and i feel like i'm light years behind everyone else XD). 

it's very likely that i've come across utaite covers before i got into vocaloids, but since i wasn't interested in the music, they didn't leave much of an impression on me.  valshe is the first one i remember because i stumbled across her cover of Soundless Voice, at first mistaking it for ciel's character song (from kuroshitsuji).  later, i learned it was a len song, but i still wasn't a vocaloid fan yet XD 

i also played osu (music rhythm game with player-generated "maps" of songs) at the time and vocaloid songs are extremely popular.  most of my vocaloid maps at first were from playing with friends.  eventually, while searching for new maps myself, i came across my first gakupo song (i didn't know who he was at the time), Paranoid Doll, liked it and downloaded it.  i grew to love it fast (to the point where i had it looped all day, every day, and through that one song, found Gackt XD).  after that, i went through a short rin phase and then a gumi phase.

as far as singing goes, i've always enjoyed singing - i just never liked my voice, cos i always tried to sing higher, like i thought a girl should (no realising that i just CAN'T xD).  my head voice kicks in around C4 QwQ  after i discovered valshe, i came across nano, anba and other female traps and i admired them SO MUCH.  and then it hit me.  i can hit lower notes with much more ease than higher ones >__<  not long after that, i finally let my husband hear a (rough) recording of my singing (we'd been married for years and i'd never let him hear me sing).  he said he liked it, but i had a hard time believing him ._.  i eventually worked up the courage to start my singing channel and start covering some of my favourite vocaloid songs (finally).

i was too afraid of joining choruses at first, especially because i was brand new, didn't know what the hell i was doing and i didn't know anyone >__<  after a few weeks, i worked up some more courage, auditioned for one and through that, met some amazing people QwQ

at the moment, out of all my hobbies, this has been my top priority - i have a VERY hard time finding time to record (mostly due to it being noisy where i live) but i still practice when i can >w<  all my other side projects have been put on the back burner and i feel bad xD  but i really wanted to commit to this and get better QwQ


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Re: Your Journey of YT and Vocaloid community?

Post by Shinano15 on Tue Mar 25, 2014 11:35 am

D= all these stories are so amazing compared to mine LOL


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Re: Your Journey of YT and Vocaloid community?

Post by Shuumatsu on Tue Mar 25, 2014 3:03 pm


Okay, so I've been in YT for 4 years (or maybe 5 years?) and... Kinda forgot the exact. Then I saw umm Imitation Black by DasoValsheClear (OMG HAHAHA) and my friend's cover Servant of Evil. That's not my first time seeing Vocaloid in my life because on that time, I just lurking around about the fanart of Vocaloids (kinda tons of them omg). But, if I'm not mistaken, I knew Vocaloid when I still....11 years old? I think so.

Then I tried to go deep down into Vocaloid and Utattemita stuffs, because some of my friends told me "We should do some of this song with crack voice!" And then I just replied "Oh, okay" so that's how I can be an utaite. At that time, I didn't really know what's mixing, animation, blablabla. All I gotta do on that time just: timing, export to mp3, put the video+MP3 to wmm, and done (haha).

My first channel was a collab, K**u*l*** (yay)--that was when I was still a noob and yeah...

My second channel was a single one, psychede--...psychedelic17 or smth i kinda forgot-- ;;; But now it's deleted.

My third channel was more serious from before (Dec, 27th 2010 omg still remember) but I need some... time to be more umm--need some practice. But I know I kinda improving a lot just in 1 year (HAHAHAHA), my Alias is "Aosenzix". Yup, I learned a lot just in 1 year. Thanks Audacity. (wut lol)

And the last, my previous channel, when I decided to change my alias into Natsuno. The channel's registered in Nov 19th 2011 (lol cmiiw), then jumping back into Youtaite world in Dec, 27th 2011 (lol hahahahahahaha).

Long short story, I had been rejected from choruses bunch of times LOLOLOL I changed my mic very often, from the bad quality sound for mic until I got headphone mic with good quality. I got so many dramas in my life as an utaite (with local utaite, of course). But now on, I want this community become better and better.

I just realize that I talk alot about my journey into commu...


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Re: Your Journey of YT and Vocaloid community?

Post by Kumoshi on Mon Apr 21, 2014 9:04 pm

I first found out about Vocaloid in...probably late middle school or early high school. The first time I listened to a Vocaloid song, I wasn't particularly interested; I assume it must've sounded too unnatural to me. But later on, another friend got into Vocaloid and introduced me to some songs. I got hooked on Magnet. I think it was the first Vocaloid song (and one of the only) that I actually memorized the lyrics too xD From there I listened to covers by niconico utaite, and that inspired me to try singing myself, especially when I found out there were Youtaite as well. So I got myself a microphone, came up with an alias, and made a channel for my first covers in 2011. Even to this day I pretty much only use Youtube to listen to Youtaite and other musicians, though I know other friends of mine prefer to watch vloggers and video game playthroughs xD The friend who got me into Vocaloid no longer keeps up with Vocaloid or utaite, sadly.

I still use Audacity to record and mix, which was what I started out with (though sometimes nowadays I try to use Adobe Audition on the school computers...but I have no idea what I'm doing and am still figuring out what the effects do o_o;; ). And early on I really wanted to be a trap singer because I was a big fan of Valshe. After singing for a while, I realized I had a small voice range (and I still don't know if I've really expanded it or not). I still generally prefer to sing in my lower range and try to sound masculine because it's what's more comfortable for me. I continue to look up to singers with really big ranges, too. xD I think getting into singing myself has made me appreciate all kinds of vocal music more than before, such as mainstream English singers and bands (I mostly just listened to jpop up until the last couple of years).

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Re: Your Journey of YT and Vocaloid community?

Post by AKA:Fye on Thu Apr 16, 2015 1:35 am

This is kinda interesting... It makes me feel nostalgic.

When I was around 14 (which was like, 5 years ago?) I was active in a chat website, well, chatting with random people. Usually I started asking small stuff like what anime they like or from which anime their pictures were. Then I stumbled into someone who used Hatsune Miku as his picture and I asked him too. He told me it's not an anime and he gave me a link to Miku's video which was LIVETUNE's Packaged in MMD. I wasn't so interested at first, so I left it.

Next, I randomly searched for Miku again in Youtube and found Sakasama Rainbow! I start to know the other VOCALOIDs as well and joined a local VOCALOID forum. I started listening to music (seriously, other than VOCALOID and utaite stuff, I almost never listened to songs before!) more often, though at some point I got a little busy so I'm kinda outdated with the songs. I've tried using UTAU too! But then again, I'm so newbie to mixing stuff and hadn't got the time to continue so it's deserted now I'm sorry ;_; Though I managed to upload several songs in my Youtube channel.

Then, I came to know the world of utaite! It was Dasoku, clear, and Valshe's IMITATION BLACK (I still listen to it even now LOL). I became clear's fan, stalking his NND channel, and started to like other utaite as well (even buying some of their albums! Happines!!). I guess that was when I started to find out about Youtaite. I made an account but yeah, I don't use it anymore because I completely forgot about it.

Here I am now, I guess.


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Re: Your Journey of YT and Vocaloid community?

Post by SsNao2 on Sat Aug 22, 2015 7:20 pm

Oh man, this brings back so many memories that I can't explain.

I have no idea when I fell into this pit to hell, but I did, and I have not left it ever since.
I remember the days when us Youtitties were called Fandubbers all the way up to when YTC forum was made and someone was like "hey let's be called Youtaite cuz NND has Utaite and we're from Youtube and stuffI don't remember her alias anymore, but she also made cactus a gender. She's precious.
I also have no idea how I found out about NND, but I think I've also jumped onto the DasoClearValshe wagon, and then learned about che:Sakurai, Hitori, 96neko, and Kogeinu. I had no idea how to manage NND cuz everything was so foreign, so pretty much stuck to youtube reprints until I was able to figure out how to search for stuff.

TL;DR Vocaloid and NND invaded my life without my knowledge and I lost 2 accounts from copyright bs

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Re: Your Journey of YT and Vocaloid community?

Post by shltsuji on Sun Feb 21, 2016 12:19 pm

Eyooo, I'm old Razz. Been here since 2009 as well so... like holy crap that makes it like... 7 years now since it's 2016 lololol.

I remember back then I was invited to do a duet with my friend at the time because she was super into Vocaloid and Niconico. At the time I had no mic other than the one that came with my Tamagotchi, so... I used that one!

Here's a picture to what it looked like (I gave it away to another kid a couple years back)

So anyhow, for the first year, I used this microphone to record. The mouth is where the mic is btw. It was pretty ghetto in a cute/creepy way. It peaked like crazy, and it sucked. A lot. Thank god I got a proper mic after... LOL.

So, I've been in this community on and off a lot so a lot of people probably don't even know who I am anymore, but it's interesting to see myself always coming back. Razz

Anyhow.. idk lol hi.


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Re: Your Journey of YT and Vocaloid community?

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