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Guest permissions changed

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Guest permissions changed

Post by krannda on Sun Jul 24, 2011 3:31 am

Hey, guys! Long time no see! =D
I haven't been on the forums as often as before due to A LOT of schoolwork and stuff happening in my life. For that, I apologize sincerely. But anyways, I am back to address a very recent yet not-so-recent problem:

(some of which have been excessively advertising viagra... orz)

Now, some of you have most probably noticed this already as we did receive alerts/complaints/abuse reports from some of you. From what I recall, I have first saw a spam or two now and then a few months back but I didn't think the situation would get serious. Today, Kenta has been deleting A LOAD of spam off the forums. From his observations and mine, most of these spammers have been posting as guests. I have checked the forum permissions and indeed there were some parts forums that allowed guests to post and even start polls. Because of this, we have decided to disable guest-posting.

So after a grueling process clicking to change the permissions for every single individual part of the forums, I have managed to change the permissions for the guests. Yay! /o/ *collapses on floor from tiredness*

So basically:

1. Guests are now only allowed view and read posts
2. Guests are required to sign up to reply, post, start a topic, start polls, etc.
3. They are also required to sign up if they want to vote as well (wouldn't want anyone cheating the voting system on the forums would we? :3)

Hopefully, this will lessen the number of spammers in the future. However, if it so happens that anyone does see some more spam on the forums, please do not hesitate to contact any of the forum helpers to assist. I think it is preferable that you contact us through our Twitter accounts or Skype as we would be able to take a more immediate action that way.

mine - krannda
kenta - kentacchin
xephy - Xephy_X

mine - kran117
kenta - kenta.midorin
xephy - xephy13

Have a pleasant day and enjoy your stay on the forums,
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