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Aziro's Cosplay Booth

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Aziro's Cosplay Booth

Post by Aziro on Sat Aug 07, 2010 1:02 pm

ok guys so I've been going on and on in the future cosplay thread so I guess it's about time to post photographic evidence that I'm actually cosplaying XD

~Section 1 Hand made cosplays~

Oh yall still don't get to see my face. please try not to be creeped out by the effect XD

~Yayz it's the front but I ish sitting down. OMG LOOK IT'S A RANDOM CAMEO APPEARANCE OF PIKACHU~

~Peeking behind my shoulders you see the diamond and tail~

~Close up of the ears/diamond drop down thingys~


~Yayz here's a random pose. I had to actually style the front of the wig so I hope it looks alright omg pikachu returns~

~Sitting down and looking solmn XD LOOK IT'S PIZZA PRINGELS~

~Section 2: Bought cosplays~

so this is yalls first view of the wig also ^.^ due to the lighting of the room the wig looks like a super dark green but trust me it's not. yayz for a front shot. I figured with the wig in my eyes yall wouldn't really be able to see my face.

lol a side shot. wig cost me $37 the cosplay cost me $40 XD yayz

looking outside ^.^

you can tell the color of the wig much better in this picture

~Section 3: Lolita~
-Lolita Dress 1
-Lolita Dress 2

here's the first lolita dress. This one I plan on wearing to the masqurade ball and of course I was too lazy to put on the panny hose but oh well

here's the back ^.^v I think it's really cute but I'm not exactly sure if it's appropriate to wear at the ball. I hope it is.

here's the 2nd lolita dress, Ok so this's one's short XD like really short but I have my trusted panny hose so there's no need to worry

and here's a shot of the back/side

~Section 4: Random~


The room where it all happens! [This was my sister's room so no it was not originally ment to be my sewing room XD she moved out and offered it thought] yes I know it's a wreck I really need to clean it.

This is the closet in the room where I've hung all my cosplay stuff there's only 5 things in there though

I hope yall like them. yeah I don't want people seeing my face so I blur it out or cover it up
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