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[OPEN] Mixing requests [5 slots]

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[OPEN] Mixing requests [5 slots] Empty [OPEN] Mixing requests [5 slots]

Post by Cherucha on Sat Feb 13, 2016 8:13 am

K so last time I tried this was about 2 years ago, I got bombarded and found out my dad and mom had cancer, so I got nothing done. That is behind me; and since I have improved a lot since I am once again open for Mixing. I am limiting how many requests I am taking so I do not get bombarded. After I finish the requests I get this time around I will re-open. It takes anywhere from 3-4 hours for me to mix a basic song; sometimes longer depending on the effects or difficulty.

I would prefer it if you had a nice clear mic but I can clean up the tracks, only real rule is I will not mix any heavy tecno tracks. To give you examples is I can not do something with really fancy techno effects, songs like Masked B@!$ for example with, heavy  slapback vocals. I am working on it but I do not feel confident enough to mix other peoples songs yet. 

I am going to magfest so only the first request will be done this week. Samples of my work are down below please note I can do chorus's but I have no recent chorus mix's from the last year.

Mix Sample 1

Mix Sample 2(has basic autotune effects)

Mix Sample 3

Mix Sample 4

If I accept your request I will try to have the mix done within 2 day's of accepting it. Other than that I do not have any other things to say.





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