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How should I compress vocals? Help!

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How should I compress vocals? Help! Empty How should I compress vocals? Help!

Post by Dracofalco Sun Oct 12, 2014 7:24 am

Okay, I am still a newbie mixer. 

I usually compress my vocals really hard in audition, hard limit it to make it even, normalise it to -4.0db to make space for the eq stuff that comes later. THEN, I put the vocals into Reaper where I mix there. Since I know that -4.0 db is the maximum volume of the vocal, I can safely tell myself that whatever frequencies that I boost in the EQ shouldn't be more than 4.0db worth.
Is this the right way to mix? I have attached a picture of the waveform of the vocal for reference.

I saw some youtube videos about mixing, and apparently those pro mixers don't do that. Instead, they use a VST compressor on the track and then eq it all in the same program. But when I tried that, it became really hard to control the volume and the clipping when I was EQ-ing.
I am also unsure of how MUCH to compress the vocals since I cannot see the waveform if I used a VST

I want to ask more experienced mixers reading this post, how do you guys do the compressing and eq?
Thanks in advance Smile

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