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❦ Basic Animation Tutorial 101 With Shinano-kun

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❦ Basic Animation Tutorial 101 With Shinano-kun Empty ❦ Basic Animation Tutorial 101 With Shinano-kun

Post by Guest on Sat Oct 04, 2014 5:52 pm

Hey guys! So I've been requested by a lot of people from not only here but from Skype as well to do some sort of super basic animation tutorials! So I decided to start up this series of "Basic Animation Tutorial 101 with Shinano-kun" ( mwah ). Now when I say basic, I mean literally THE MOST basics of animations.

 In my tutorials I'll be covering:

  • Introduction to the program and appearance ( being friendly with the program )
  • Computer requirements and which versions to get 
  • Vocabulary / terms used in animation ( please note, I don't know a lot of super complex terms so at times I will reffer to something as an "it" or "thing" because I'm not professional, so I may give it a nickname xD )
  • Adding text in videos
  • Importing / adding files ( music / audio, art / OC, background images )
  • Layering tracks
  • Track motion ( moving an image / text from Point A on the screen to Point B )
  • Re-sizing images / text
  • Adding video effects to track and image file
  • Adding transitions
  • Video settings / rendering
  • Rendering selection & batching rendering

( Updated on: Oct. 4, 2014 )

I'll also give personal tips on:

  • Animating an "Original PV" instead of "PV" of songs.
  • Planning / organizing a video animation
  • Making time to animate with school / life
  • How to be "creative" when creating original PVs with original art
  • Difference between original and art online
  • Working with artists for videos ( when there is an artists present )
  • What you'll need when animating with chorus groups ( singer's proper singing alias, YouTube channel links, etc. )
  • Properly crediting in video
  • Fitting the "theme" with fonts and images
  • To NOT steal artworks with animations and to credit and OR asking permission of art work
  • What you should request / require from artists when animating
  • Size and quality does matter
  • Quality vs quantity - in a sense
  • Personal Experience & Advice
  • Defining your style of animating 
  • Staying motivated to animate and pacing yourself to meet deadlines
  • Asking group / teammates questions when needed
  • Meeting someone's or a groups expectations when animating
  • Knowing your limits of how many projects you can take

( Updated on Oct. 4, 2014 )

I should also make a very important note, I'll be only covering animation tutorial with SVP ( Sony Vegas Pro )! I personally have never really touched AE ( After Effects ) as my computer cannot handle it, so please do not start poking me about what and how things work in AE because I will apologize and say "I don't know 8'D" If you guys have any questions, comments, or concern feel free to shoot me up a PM here, or on YT, or shoot me a tweet at my Twitter ( @_Shinano_ ) or follow any of my links given in my signature or on my YT channel "About" section and I'll reply to you whenever I can! 

Ep. 1 Introduction to SVP!


Many of you will probably start questioning yourself, "How do I know what version of SVP to get?". I couldn't cover this in my video but do not fret! Here I will list out the very basic knowledge you'll need to know to know which version you'll need to get of SVP.

So to start out, which computer system are you using?

  • Windows
  • Mac

If yes to Windows, then which Windows version are you using currently at the moment?

If yes to Mac

  • I personally haven't really dealt with Mac, but I'll defiantly look up more info on it if needed!

If Windows XP SP3 then you'll use Sony Vegas Pro 10 OR lower ( the lowest they go to is SVP 7 )
If Windows Vista then you'll use SVP 10 OR lower
If Windows 7 then you'll use ---
If Windows 8 then you'll use ---
( I'll come back to edit this )

*Please note: I didn't ask if your computer is a 32-bit or 64-bit computer! You should check the SVP on which bit you're going to get! It'd be pointless to get a 64-bit SVP when really your computer is a 32-bit. And don't think that a 64 will work on a 32 bit computer or vise-versa because it won't. Check your computer system and ram because if you don't have a lot of ram that means it'll take LONGER to render. That doesn't mean u can't get SVP, you'll just have to worry about the time length when rendering your video. Even the shortest videos can take longer than on high running rams. If you don't know how to check your computer system you can use this wikiHow ( covers all system including Lynx--please don't ask me what Lynx is ). If your system isn't covered on here you can always Google " how to check [ your computer system name here ] " and answers should pop up.

If there is any confusion or questions regarding SVP in general please feel free to shoot me a question! I hope this help any new / confused / to-be animators out with animations! Give me feed back on what I could imporve if none of this made sense to you guys! Best of luck! - Shinano

( Updated on: Oct. 4, 2014 )

Ep. 2 ( Coming Soon )


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