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[Open] ミ( D'buito Artes Academy)彡 RP

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[Open]  ミ( D'buito Artes Academy)彡 RP - Page 2 Empty Re: [Open] ミ( D'buito Artes Academy)彡 RP

Post by Kagi Tue Apr 08, 2014 8:31 pm

████[Open]  ミ( D'buito Artes Academy)彡 RP - Page 2 ShirouSagi_zpsccca6835
██████████████ █████SHIROU ❀ SAGI!
████████Carefree | Optimistic | Bookworm | Apathetic
█████████████Pervert A Pervert B Male Female
██████████████████████⇨⇨⇨ Inside the Kitchen

        “Are you doing looking at me yet.”

        Was this guy seriously not even trying to look away? It was blatantly obvious he wanted to ask something of her. Relevant or irrelevant she couldn’t tell, but judging from the way his glance dipped downwards, she knew it was something not good. Afterall, all males were the same. “Perverts.” Shirou uttered underneath her breath as she followed the mysterious stranger, who has yet to introduce himself to her, but neither has she to him, into the kitchen.

        First thing to do in the kitchen was to satisfy her stomach. Since yesterday was the first year’s orientation day (in a way), she got to know the kitchen fairly well and even made herself a nice bento to start the day after… or today. Simple rice, veggies, tako-wieners, that kind of stuff. Stereotypical bento stuff.

        Just as she was about to open the fridge door, a male hand beat her to it. Now, normally she would have slapped back and grabbed the fridge handle from the person, but his comment about eating bunnies froze her to her spot. Not scared frozen, more like disbelief, confused, what-did-he-just-say, did-I-hear-right frozen. She had no problem with animals eating other animals, but the fact that he took one glance at her, registered her headband and immediately thought of bunny meat kind of knocked her back a bit. By the time she was back to reality, she noticed the fridge was rather… void of material.

        ’Did he just…?’ Turns towards the empty, stark naked inner fridge. ’. . . . . . . . . .’

        Whatever the guy was saying about superior beings and all went in one ear and out the other. Wh-why did he eat her food? Of all the food in the fridge, why did he have to eat hers? Sure it wasn’t packed or labeled or anything, but still… M-maybe he forgot about it and was just hungry. Yeah, he was just hungry.

        Poking a finger at the male who nommed her food, Shirou asked positivity, but probably came out rather monotonically and half grudgingly. “Did it taste good? My bento.” Pause. Something seemed weird when she stood up and walked towards him. Something was missing. Pause. Red-pink eyes glanced down. Red-pink eyes glanced back up. Slowly ripping her finger off his upper body, Shirou walked back and uttered another “Pervert” just as a small ”Pardon me” echoed into the room.

        ’Where are all these people coming from? Is it lunch time already?’

        Turning her head to take a good look at the clock situated right above the front door, the false bunny face planted herself with another person. “Ah… sorry.” She meeped quietly before inching back again at the close face. What is with all these people and their lack of personal space? ’Maybe there is something on my face after all.’

        ooc // wrote:Done. For once, writing optimistically is hard.
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[Open]  ミ( D'buito Artes Academy)彡 RP - Page 2 Empty Re: [Open] ミ( D'buito Artes Academy)彡 RP

Post by Spoon Fri May 09, 2014 3:04 pm

[Open]  ミ( D'buito Artes Academy)彡 RP - Page 2 SajiBanner_zps1e737fba
"It's that kid with a spoon in her pocket."

Saji was bewildered to say the least. Too much was happening right off the bat for her to keep track of. She hadn't even had time to think of a reply to It before Claire, the new president had interrupted them, and now another person was there, a man Saji had never seen before. Thanks to those two It was distracted so Saji had a bit of time to organize her thoughts.
Luggage out of the way. Plus. It's distracted. Plus. Might be able to make a run for it. But... then again, I sort of want to know who that man is.
Then again, she would most likely have an answer to that later. Right now her first goal should be getting into the office and finding out where her room was. She shot a quick glance at her luggage.
Even though It teases me, I don't think It'd sink so low as to touch my stuff... It should be fine to just leave them here and slip inside the office real quick.
She silently sucked in a breath. There was just enough space between It and the wall that she might be able to squeeze through. Silently praying It'd stay distracted long enough, she tried her luck and started to sneak towards the office door.

☆ Mood: Don't turn around, don't turn around...

☆ Location: Just outside the office

☆ Company: It (Eins), Claire, Al

ooc wrote:wow, look how I didn't interact with anyone o-o This thread is now revived~
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[Open]  ミ( D'buito Artes Academy)彡 RP - Page 2 Empty Re: [Open] ミ( D'buito Artes Academy)彡 RP

Post by RuukiKaru Sat May 10, 2014 11:46 am

[Open]  ミ( D'buito Artes Academy)彡 RP - Page 2 Untitled_111

Ruuko Darkheaven

"The boy known as the unknown"

  Ruuko started panicking , not an usual thing of him, but this time it was different, he was "pantless"... he started screaming... "NOOOO! WHY DID THIS HAPPEN?! I HOPE NO ONE SAW THIS! YOU CREATURES! YOU DIDN'T SEE THAT I WAS WITH NO PANTS AT ALL OKAY?! " , he started running to his dorm with a remarkable unhuman speed , passing through every student, everyone saw though... "Okay... uff uff ... back in my peaceful dorm. You devil pants...((wears)) now... what should i do next? Oh! Let me write something in my book! " After a bit, he couldnt write anything , he wasnt feeling creative that day. "Ugh... I shall go outside and find some inspiration for my book" 

So Ruuko went outside and started watching every student and what he should write , also known as "being a creep or stalker". "So... let's see what these creatures have ... uhh that creature is chewing a sandwich ... the story of the fabulous magnificent sandwich that eats the student creature... uhh... *adds note* maybe next time. Next ! ((looks at another student)) That creature is dancing ... i hate dancing. The story of the student that got a leg cramp while dancing and fell and hit with its head on a spiky rock. I like this idea! But... not now. Next! Wow... that creature is uhh whats that. Its wiggling its uhh... backyard. NO! IM DONE! *closes book* WHY CANT I WRITE A GOOD STORY THIS YEAR?! " Ruuko's new year didnt start well, he was pretty furious, if someone said hi to him at that time, he would end that someone's life. Ruuko then proceeded back to the school.

Before he entered the school main building, he found this girl. This girl was crying. Ruuko stopped , and did what I, the narrator, thought it was impossible. He talked to that person. He touched that girl's shoulder and whispered in her ear "So the day is not going well for me... it can't get worse. Im not good at this but stop crying. I dont know the reason for your tears of sadness but, sometimes we just have to smile , even if you are a poor creature *coughs* , uhh what i mean is... the  depths of the darkness can be destroyed with a simple smile. So... smile okay? *stretches her cheeks* Bye. " The girl changed completely and became a happy person again. No one knows what went into Ruuko's mind to do that cause Ruuko is an emotionless person, or maybe he still has a little kindness in his heart.  "Now I have a story to write about! The title of it will be : The Light in Her Shadow , such good title ! She will die in the end of the story though *claps and smiles* " Uh... Ruuko entered the school main building...

MoodStrangely Kind
LocationSchool Main Building
CompanyHis book

      ooc // wrote:Ruuko is back. And... full dressed!


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[Open]  ミ( D'buito Artes Academy)彡 RP - Page 2 Empty Re: [Open] ミ( D'buito Artes Academy)彡 RP

Post by TamagoFish Sat May 17, 2014 10:59 pm

[Open]  ミ( D'buito Artes Academy)彡 RP - Page 2 66-an11

Ian was quiet as he walked away from the kitchen filled with people, and he was trying to think of a logical reason for such a mismatched group of students to gather together.

'Logically they could be friends meeting up after the holidays.'
he thought to himself. 'Or perhaps strangers meeting up by coincidence. It is lunch after all-' He was then interrupted by someone running past him from behind. Ian wasn't the only one who noticed, though; many other students in the hallway turned to watch the screaming figure run down the halls. He noticed it was the student in his briefs from
 earlier in the kitchen. '...What a strange person,' was all he could come up with before he decided to continue on his personal tour.

He made his way down to the basement, where he remembered was where the cafeteria and auditorium were located. He walked into the cafeteria and saw a few people sitting around at tables eating their lunches. 'I should eat something soon, as well,' Ian mused as he watched chatting groups of students. When he noticed the time from the clock on the wall, however, he decided to leave before the wave of hungry students would enter. 

Ian ascended to the first floor and walked towards the exit to go to the main building. He opened the door and pulled his jacket tighter together as he braced himself against the chilly winter air outside. He looked around to see more students milling about. As Ian approached the main building, he noticed a familiar mop of brown hair which he recognized as the male he saw twice prior. He also noticed that now the person was wearing pants, and was currently speaking with a crying girl.

'Did he do something?' he wondered to himself. '...jumping to conclusions will not solve anything,' he decided, and saw the male stretch the girls cheeks, making her laugh as he backed away. Curious, he jogged up to the other near the entrance of the main building.

"Excuse me."


Status - Mild Curiosity; Company: 
Location - Main Building: Entrance
Time - 692067697665207570

OOC wrote:So. Yeah. Sorry for any mistakes I'm bad at writing //bricked.


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[Open]  ミ( D'buito Artes Academy)彡 RP - Page 2 Empty Re: [Open] ミ( D'buito Artes Academy)彡 RP

Post by Sponsored content

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