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Pierrot vs Karakuri Pierrot?

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Which One Do You Like Better?

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Pierrot vs Karakuri Pierrot? Empty Pierrot vs Karakuri Pierrot?

Post by Kuma-tan Sun Jan 29, 2012 8:43 pm

Hey it's Kuma~ lol I'm popping back up again despite a pretty long hiatus HEHEHE .

So Now:

I've been listening to these two songs until my ears literally started bleeding. I was curious of which song is more popular with people and it seems Karakuri P. is more popular from what i'm seeing.

Don't get me wrong, both of these songs are freaking amazing but i've always wondered what everyone else's opinion is. Personally, i really like Pierrot over Karakuri Pierrot because Perriot has more meaning and story to it than Karakuri Perriot does(curse my rotten English. Can't convey what i wanted to say creycreycrey). I feel i can relate to a clown more than getting heart broken because i'm a forever lonely hobo. FISH :D Mmkay so any opinions, ideas...... stuff? Just wondering...y'know.

PS: Pierrot's got this other PV that really tugs on your heartstrings. I dont have a clue where i found it but here it is. WARNING: You will probably cry if it's your first time seeing this. ;D Good Luck

In the case you haven't heard one or the other:


Karakuri Pierrot


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