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Doing screamos

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Doing screamos Empty Doing screamos

Post by buranku on Wed Jan 25, 2012 6:29 am

sooooo... anyone know how to do screamos? care to teach me? XD
i tried doing it by myself but my voice just sounded like a dead cat ;A;
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Doing screamos Empty Re: Doing screamos

Post by Shiyiou on Fri Jan 27, 2012 10:56 am

Here are tips i do when screamoing:
-Take lot of air before and scream letting your air go slowly
-Put your mic in high volume and/or maybe near you but not to much (so you) don't force too much your voice (it can be bad for you.)
-Don't force your voice, if the track is too loud, low the volume enough so you feel comfortable to scream.
-Practice before recording.

this may help you better:

And Good luck!
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Doing screamos Empty Re: Doing screamos

Post by HakuraSakura on Sun May 27, 2012 1:08 am

-Use your diaphragm
-use either the highest part of your throat or the lowest part, to avoid any main vocal string damage (risk of losing ability to extend vocal range/sing if this is done wrong)
-don't PUSH the air out like if you dont scream your head off the world will end lol, use your diaphram to hold in the air and release it slowly
-its best to do at least 15-60 minutes of cardiovascular exercise (it helps your diaphram) before screaming (applies to singing as well, it well help hold notes/screams longer)
-don't tense up your vocal cords/mucsles (applies to singing as well) or else you'll damage it
-sit up straight (not too straight) or you'll strain(not sure if this is the right word lol) you diaphram when you scream (applies to singing as well)
-there are two screams you can do; a low one and a high one

the elmo scream (really grungy low thing that sounds like the cookie monster lol)
- when you blow the air out, make sure that your lips make a small hole (recommended using the lower part of your throat)
- but since girls have high ranges this scream may not be the best for you lol

the high pitched, screechy, scary, whatever the hell hurts ur ears the most scream lol (nails on a blackboard?)
- open your mouth as wide as you can D:<
- but like dont overstretch or its gunna hurt you lol (obvious //.slapped)

also if you're using a microphone USB (like those karaoke handheld thingy mahbobbies) don't cup it to make you sound sexier or cooler, just hold it like u would hold a normal mic when you sing, otherwise it will actually NOT SOUND GOOD, because when u mix it u can't really add/remove effects peacefully and you'll start bsing at your recording lol

I didn't really watch that video posted above but i hope this helped lol

what is this a 5 month reply LOL
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Doing screamos Empty Re: Doing screamos

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