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♥ the narcissism thread. (but not really)

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♥ the narcissism thread. (but not really) - Page 6 Empty Re: ♥ the narcissism thread. (but not really)

Post by AKA:Fye on Sun May 31, 2015 10:08 am

Oooh! This is actually an interesting thread! I guess I'll jump in.

* Probably until now, no one thinks I can sing (I do sing at random times, but only at home LOL. Everyone can do that)
* I once joined my friends who sang a cover of Perfume's song. It's out there in Youtube but since I was recording using my laptop's microphone, the quality is so so bad and my friend who mixed it probably had to fix my vocal many times LOL. And not to mention I wasn't singing seriously too because I was nervous. I feel sorry for him now.
* I notice I tend to pull away from people as my social defense (if you know what I mean LOL)
* Self-proclaimed science nerd who can't do science.
* Aaaand I'm also a kind of person who knows that actually I can do well at almost anything but just too lazy to get serious at something. But probably everyone feels the same way because humans are simply amazing.

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