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歌ってみた (utattemita) Album Review

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歌ってみた (utattemita) Album Review Empty 歌ってみた (utattemita) Album Review

Post by Mr0ctober Sat Aug 06, 2011 4:56 pm

So here's the down-low of this thread. Just post your reviews on an album sung by a Nico Singer.
It's to go into more detail about a particular album of your choice, and tell what's good or what's not.

Well, here's a basic layout if your unsure how to start.

[Producer/Circle] Title (Genre)
歌ってみた (utattemita) Album Review Sample11
Vocalist: Someone
1. Blah Blah (Nico Singer 1)
2. Blah Bleh (Nico Singer 2)
3. Bleh Bleh (Nico Singer 1)
*Tagging artist to songs apply only if albums have Various Artist

Say what you want. It's your review

So . . . if we were to use an album, lets say in spoiler:
[RedZone Entertainment] One Time (Annoying, Canadian, Shota)
歌ってみた (utattemita) Album Review D605ju10
Vocalist: Justin Bieber
1. One Time

I just Love Justin Bieber, everything else can go to hell.

*You will get this.

-One Album a Post (comments are welcomed too)
-Image should be 300x300 for those that want the covers.
-Crossfades are optional.
-Download links . . . still thinking about it.
-These are opinions, don't take it to heart if we say someone sucks.
That's about it.

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歌ってみた (utattemita) Album Review Empty Re: 歌ってみた (utattemita) Album Review

Post by Mr0ctober Mon Aug 08, 2011 4:25 am

Real Review this time.
[Fullkawa] 古川本舗 音源集第三集、特別編 - SING ALONG (Guitar Acoustical)
歌ってみた (utattemita) Album Review Sing11
Vocalist: Mita & Chibita

1. Good Morning EMMA Sympson
2. ピアノ・レッスン
3. グリグリメガネと月光蟲
4. Girlfriend
5. Just Be Friends
6. はなれ、ばなれ
7. レモン哀歌
8. Alice

The first time I heard Chibita on Nico, I just . . . fell in love with that gentle voice in an instant. Especially when she sang Silent, my eyes have been on her ever since. And by following her, I eventually found this album.

A collaboration between Kous (going as Mita here) and Chibita. No surprise there, since most of the songs she sang are from Kous. This isn't Kous' first album and most likely wouldn't be his last either.

古川本舗 (furukawa honpo) centers on acoustics and nothing else, which suits Chibita's voice perfectly fine. Kous acts as the accompaniment for all the songs, letting Chibita take the lead in most of them.

The Good
A nice selection of songs were chosen for this album, most known being "Just Be Friends"
The acoustic rendition of "Just Be Friends" is pretty refreshing, keeping to its origins, yet adding a bit more to it. Guess because it doesn't have that beat where you can just get up and dance. Some sad song if you can boogey to Te-he! .

Absolutely adored Chibita's voice in Track 3 グリグリメガネと月光蟲. My favorite out of all of them.
The melody and her voice sets the mood right there at the beginning.
Track 2 Piano Lesson, quite a fun song to listen. Went for a cheery beat instead of the trance like original, still like it.

The Bad
I like this album, but there are some things that kinda held it back.
The guitar is great. Excellent playing and lovin the strums of the strings . . .
Just that if only they had better recording equipments though.

The guitar sounds a bit veiled at times, as if somethings covering it up. It doesn't have a crisp clear sound to it. Also they kinda over did it with the bass. Instead of a strong, resonating thrum that normally comes out, a rather persistent buzz stays in your head. Very evident in "Girlfriend" compared to the rest.

This may be due to the mastering of the CD. Other problems I notice in this area is that the singing tends to get much louder than the music. Swamping the music in certain intervals.
Not much else to complain in this department. Onto the singing.

Chibita's voice, Love it.
Kous' . . . not so much.

The two voices don't really balance well to be honest. Main problem with her voice. It's very light, lacking any strong presence. Kous, on ther other hand, has a gravely tone that blares out at times, nearly overpowering Chibita in the process. It would have been better if he just let her solo since her light airy voice can't compete with his.

Good album, steady beats make it easy to "sing along" hence the title. Still listen to it these days.
If only they took out Kous (sorry man Sweat ) and had a better recording, I'd drop my wallet in a heartbeat to buy the CD itself.

Nothing else to say, give this album a try if you like acoustics.

*Oh man, didn't realize I wrote so much. Tried to keep it short too . . . So much to say for each album though!
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