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Youtube account disabled, yet still existing =_=

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Youtube account disabled, yet still existing =_= Empty Youtube account disabled, yet still existing =_=

Post by Mion on Sat Nov 27, 2010 8:49 am

Since the apparent help I'm getting on the Google Help forums seems to be completely against me and missing the point, I'll ask for help here.

One day, I decided to use my Gmail account for the third time in its history to send an email to my teacher because it was the only one without a cheesy username. I log in, and it tells me that my account needs to be reverified for some reason that I never figured out (maybe lack of use?). So I input my cell phone number there and wait a few moments to receive a text message. I did not receive it, so in my impatience, I decided to resort to using my Hotmail.

About two weeks later, I go onto Youtube and browse through some videos on my soundlessMion account. I decide, for nostalgia's sake, to watch some of my old AMVs on my other account. I watch some, and I decided that I wanted to switch some of them to private. So I log out and log into that other account. I do what I logged in to do, which took maybe 2 minutes max. I log out and I try to log into soundlessMion again. It redirects me to the disabled account page. I think "It must be because I didn't reverify my account". So I go to the Google home page to go to the Gmail page. I was still logged into my Google account when I was there. I go to the Gmail page and try to log in, and I get the same result with the disabled page. At this point, I began to panic. I contacted Google for at least information as to why the account was disabled, but so far, no response.

What frustrates me is that they kept the the soundlessMion account still up and running. I would have much prefered to have Google delete the account, so that at least my friends would know, and if I were to reupload, the vocal covers would not be doubles.

I want to make sure everyone is clear on this: I have not been suspended, I have been disabled. There were no strikes on the Youtube account. Plus, as we all know, Vocaloid vocal covers are basically legal.
So, anyone wanna give a shot at helping me? OTL
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