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untitled chorus

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untitled chorus

Post by kiss on Thu May 31, 2018 7:03 pm

As I havent seen much on my own, and theyre very scarce and spread apart now, I would like to make my own!
To participate in chorus battles, i would like to make a chorus battle group! we would cover songs that cover all sorts of spectrum. The songs that we cover can be anything! I personally wouldnt like if I were to start this chorus off in an intense, battle, but yet instead lets get a few just cover songs out before we can do anything really intense as that. I would want to know each and every one of you as well! 
As i see that people had tended to go for chorale battles with more of a structure, with different roles that are well structured! But, i did want the chorus members to have some say in it, so i decided that we were to discuss it on our own time.  Though, here are some plotlines that i had just thought of. each song will have its own plot, written formally by moi, pour vous. here are some plots that i would like the members to consider:
Underground Mafia's, different roles will also vary as i want there to be two mafias, rivaling against eachother, which would add much more to the plot. this plot includes murder, but that doesnt mean you stop singing! you just stop living in a script.
A Medieval kingdom. With possible witches and wizards, queens, princesses, kings and princes! Jokers and dukes and duchesses! if you watch game of thrones, the script may be a lot more suites for pg-13 audiences, but nonetheless, still as intense. 
Witch/wizards covens! self explanatory, magic rivaling against magic. Again, would be split in two. The covens would again be at war with eachother, but also with the added intensity that they are considered hellish, and that humans consider them freaks and think they worship satan.
Thats just a little bit of the plots, youre welcome to suggest more! This project would like to be long term! if possible, we could crank out a new cover every month? maybe the first couple could take a little less but thats fine with me! 
✰- MUST HAVE DISCORD!!!!! this will be our main source of communication. if everyone has an apple phone and is comfortable with sharing their phone numbers, i will also make an Imessage chat.
✰- be 13+, these plots are going to be pg-13, and dont be afraid of your age! dont lie please Sad 
✰- please!! dont!! cause!! drama!!! you will be kicked off or suspended if drama occurs. 
I will have a maximum of 12 people! i would not want this chorus to be crowded. I also need an artist and a mixer, and if possible, an animator. though i know those are hard to find. if by the deadline no animator applies, ill take over the role myself and teach myself how to edit. I will also be taking on a role of the writer. And if all of the spots are filled up by the time the deadline comes forth and there is an uneven amount of singers, i will also join in with the singers.
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