Discussion of ewe's spray MV story?

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Discussion of ewe's spray MV story? Empty Discussion of ewe's spray MV story?

Post by Mokitan on Thu Apr 19, 2018 8:46 pm

So I'm trying to write accurate translyrics for this song

There is also a great cover by Sou and a Miku version with kinda different subs but they're all good so check them out:)

Anyways I've broken down the story into two could be plots, which do you think work better? Do you have any other ideas?

1. The boy is the one with a traumatic experience in the past. The 'your' he talks about in the beginning is the past girlfriend (lets call her A) or whatever and how the break-up or sucicide has effected them. Still lots of things he wants to tell her (lump in throat) or something like that.
The spring then symbolises a new relationship or beginning.
He found another girl who reminds him of girl A. This new girl B realises that the boy is only with her because of her resemblance to girl A. Tries to talk to him - her 'airy lost voice'.
Girl B - 'Don't say it' means she doesn't want him to keep talking about girl A.
But the boy is dedicated and 'will wait until the rain stops'
To make this theory work 'in order to forgive, in order to forget, he fakes happiness and new personality'
Girl B finds this annoying that he's trying so hard and is not being honest to himself  hence why she tells him to shut-up.
They both start to question their relationship and their dreams. Girl B writes a letter expresses her doubts.
'Limbs exposing' is the boy trying to gain courage to tell her what happened, connection built by flowers- romantic and ephemeral.  In the MV he tries to reach out to her but feels he isn't worthy - realises he's ruining their relationship or maybe he blames himself for the "past event".
In the MV - pink scene- the girl tells the boy to Pay no mind, Don't look, hold your tongue and wait patiently' as flowers cover the boys eyes. How they're relationship/girl B is comforting him.
"because I'm with you"
Then it switches to Girl B's pov 
- 'choosing whether or not to break, or to take the form of another'
But then what does the line 'I wonder if I've already found it' mean. Who's POV?

The boy then finds the letter Girl B wrote and discovers if he doesn't change something he'll loose her. 
'You're (Girl B) just a victim of the life"

Something like that. Think Hitchcock's vertigo or Yoosung route in mystic messenger. 

2. Or simpler story but with more holes. 
The girl is the one with the traumatic past and most of the song is from the POV of the boy. She tries to move on and create a new form. Rejetcs help from the boy but decides to slowly open up.
Thunder with a past basically.
The what is "always criticising each others dreams" 
Why is the boys eyes covered by flowers then and the girl tells him to 'Don't look, hold your tongue'.
In this story the boy finds out the truth from her letter and goes to save her.
I like this story because its simpler and super cute. But feels theres some bits that don't work?

Arrghhh I know I could make either story fit with lyrics but what do you think the plot is? 
Which would be better to express?I love a good plot in songs but 1 seems a bit complicated.
Our cover is going to be a duet.

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