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[DISCUSSION] Real Life vs Youtaite Life

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[DISCUSSION] Real Life vs Youtaite Life

Post by Aerlith on Sun Aug 06, 2017 10:14 pm

Hi everyone!

This is the start of a series of discussion threads that we will be hosting here on YTC. If you have any suggestions for topics, please PM sonic-nancy-fan or myself, and we'll add it to our list. 

The thread will not be closed, but new topics will be added regularly!


Living the youtaite life means that there may often be conflicts between your youtaite commitments and your real-life commitments. How many of you have ever sacrificed time you could have spent studying for impending chorus battle deadlines? Or signed up for a chorus and realized later that you didn't have as much time as you thought to work on it? 

What are some ways you balance your two lives? What would you suggest to someone who is just starting the youtaite life? What are some things you want people to remember, either about taking part in the youtaite life or keeping up-to-date in your personal life? 
Forever messing with staff.
Forever messing with staff.

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Re: [DISCUSSION] Real Life vs Youtaite Life

Post by sonic-nancy-fan on Sat Aug 26, 2017 2:12 pm

I totally didn't see this until now <<. (I'm a top tier mod right here XD).

Anyway, I haven't participated in a chorus battle, so I haven't had to sacrifice any of my real-life commitments. Though, I would like to participate in one in the future.

I balance my two 'lives' by doing youtaite things on a whim. I record when I have time, I write lyrics when I have time, I mix when I have time. You may notice a pattern here lol. I don't really set aside time to work on youtaite things, it's just whenever I have time to/feel like doing it. This way, if I have time to do youtaite things, that means I already finished my real-life commitments.

If you tend to procrastinate (like I do), I would recommend having a form of schedule, at least temporary, for posting things. You don't want to be like me and have way too many things in backlog to post. For the time being, I try to post something each friday, and my backlog has significantly decreased because of it.

Getting back to chorus battles, I haven't participated in any, but I know a lot of people who have. Some of them recorded lines instead of studying for final exams. While I'm not going to say you shouldn't record lines you're committed to doing, you need to make sure that you overall prioritize real-life commitments more than youtaite commitments. People will be annoyed if you turn in lines late, but that is better than doing poorly on a final exam.

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Re: [DISCUSSION] Real Life vs Youtaite Life

Post by Guest on Mon Aug 28, 2017 12:11 pm

i first joined the community near the end of 2013 and throughout my time here, my activity has fluctuated.  when i was working, i typically only had 1 free evening a week to record, and i was very active in choruses as well as posting my own covers at least once a month.  back then, what i did was whenever i got a new script for a chorus or collab, i printed it out at work (i don't recommend doing this if your office is strict on printing/copying personal stuff), highlighted my parts and would listen to the songs on repeat during the work day and particularly at breaks to learn the song, so i could record as soon as i could. 

since then, i've had a child and am currently a stay-at-home parent to a 2 year old, so my activity has been severaly limited.  i went through a period where i just recorded my solo covers and if he babbled/yelled during the recording, i just kept it in and put a "featuring karei jr" in the video title, but i'm sure people don't want to hear a random baby in the background >.>  right now though, he demands more attention and play time with me, so i prioritise him first.  yes, it means i now go through months without recording anything and i quit the vast majority of choruses that i was in when he was born, but like joker said, real life comes first.  whether it's work, school or family, they are what's important.  in the end, youtube is a hobby for most of us and shouldn't be placed above those things.  if you don't think you can handle the workload, then ease up on your youtaite activity to focus on what's important.  with that said though, i do miss being active in a lot of choruses!  i met some very talented and nice people that way.


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Re: [DISCUSSION] Real Life vs Youtaite Life

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