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[Open] Zenyx's Mixing Services!

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[Open] Zenyx's Mixing Services!

Post by Zenyx on Sat Apr 29, 2017 10:21 pm

Hi, my name is Yves/Zenyx. I'm an aspiring Mixing Engineer/Producer. I'm currently on summer break from college and is free as a bird. It's boring listening to myself over and over again, so I want to work with somebody else! I started mixing about a year ago, and is currently taking College/University courses. I could also teach how to mix if you're interested. I'll mix your Vocals or your Instrumental covers.

Rates: Usually there are rates, but I believe in the pay what you want system! If you like it, then, that's good enough for me. If you wanna pay me for it, it's completely optional.

Sample of my Work:

Here are Covers by Me:

(Summertime Record)

(Ikanaide) (Dappou Rock and Daisy[Kyoukai no Kanata ED])

Here are some of the songs I made or parts of it, and may have dug out from the scrap bin to have an Instrumental example: (Mixture of Songs that I don't have Names for)

Contact Information:
Skype: six60six6
Discord: Yves [Zenyx]#8177

I'm more active in E-mail and Discord! I'll look at skype about every 2 days.

Time it takes: Usually 4-7 Days is enough.

I'll do anything from EDM to Orchestral/Classical Music ^.^

What I need from you:

Your Song Files
A Reference Mix (Usually the original song)
Song Key and Tempo (Optional but helpful, nonetheless)
Recording Bit Depth and Sample Rate (Optional too but helps)
Deadline: I might contact you if I'm unavailable/not able to work on it at all
Where I can contact you: E-Mail, Skype, Discord, etc.
If you have something special you wanna add to your song, or a request (e.g. Make the Reverb Louder at bar 46 / 1 minutes 25 seconds, Add delay to the word "Bleep",etc.)


Record at 16/24 Bit-Depth (Optional but Preferable)
No clipping or distortion, please. 0 dB peaks are unmixable Sad
None/Not too much background noise. It'll be hard for me to mix and anger + me = no mixerinos
USB mic prefered, no phone/webcam mics please!
Make sure you perform to the best of your abilities! Rerecord what needs to be fixed, or send it to me first and I'll give you advice on what to fix.
Make sure to sing on tune. Give it your best!
Files are properly labelled/named. No Audio1_1_2 please. I don't wanna go hunting for each parts Q.Q
If you did something to the instrumental please include information, if you did. (e.g. Changed the pitch of it by a semitone)
Send your audio files to me by either .wav/.aiff/.mp3, it's preferable.
ZIP your files in the end! Less download time = more mix!

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Re: [Open] Zenyx's Mixing Services!

Post by rainyskies13 on Mon May 01, 2017 11:02 am

Ohh I'm planning to do a cover soon! Should I contact you on Discord?
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Re: [Open] Zenyx's Mixing Services!

Post by Zenyx on Mon May 01, 2017 12:04 pm

Yes! Just add me, and tell me your username cause there's a ton of friend requests :3

Fresh off the Boat

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Re: [Open] Zenyx's Mixing Services!

Post by Sponsored content

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