[OPEN] Sailor Moon Moon Revenge English Cover (4 Females Needed)

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[OPEN] Sailor Moon Moon Revenge English Cover (4 Females Needed)

Post by xHiddenxWhisperx on Thu Apr 20, 2017 11:47 pm

Fill out this form please: https://goo.gl/forms/brLlkoWR99gGnbnf2

for reference:

To Audition:
Sing the first solo verse and the chorus a capella with these lyrics


Love was never created to exist
Only in our dreams
You are beautiful
Despite laying still
I yearn for you
But even so…

If this is your heart’s wish
Then come running towards me
You’ve given me a kiss that
Leaves a red tattoo
Carving out our destiny
With that small tattoo
Realizing the meaning
With only a single glance
In the mark from your kiss is
A painful tattoo
No more reason to hide
It’s Moon Revenge

Please either comment with your audition link or send your audition to haine.kurosaki@hotmail.com with the subject "Moon Revenge Audition for Insert Character's name(s) here"
(ex: Moon Revenge Audition for Mercury/Venus)
You can also audition here: Moon Revenge Auditions

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