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✮ Mewms Singing Gallery! ✮

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✮ Mewms Singing Gallery! ✮

Post by mewmewmewm on Mon Dec 12, 2016 12:57 pm

Ahh hello! I'm mewmewmewm (otherwise known as Mewms) and I'm still pretty new to this website / community ; u ; hopefully I'm not doing anything wrong ;;!

Here I'll be posting the covers i do! I mostly focus on doing English translyric covers but I occasionally sing in Japanese as well (mostly in a big group because I'm a little scared of doing a full solo cover where they can hear every pronunciation mistake ah).

Constructive criticism is encouraged and very much appreciated! 
(Also I'm kind of a collab fiend so please pm me if you want to collab, theres a high chance I'll accept rip).
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Thank you for reading/ watching!
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