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HoneyWorks Cover Chorus Group - CaramelWorksToo

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HoneyWorks Cover Chorus Group - CaramelWorksToo Empty HoneyWorks Cover Chorus Group - CaramelWorksToo

Post by Ryn_Cherry on Sat Oct 15, 2016 3:44 am

Please read to the end for RULES FOR AUDITIONING. DO NOT SUBMIT AUDITIONS HERE TQVM! Don't hesitate to ask questions!

First of all: You don't need to be a HoneyWorks fan to audition! As long as you love music, and have checked out their song style: HoneyWork's YouTube Channel (I'm sure you'll grow to love them either way MUHAHA)

So... Who loves HoneyWorks?!! Join us in making this group as special as HoneyWorks ^^ We are the only existing chorus group specializing in HoneyWork's work! We'll be called CaramelWorksToo, and cover songs by HoneyWorks. The chorus covers will be posted on the group's YouTube Channel, and we'll be doing both english & japanese covers.

Both male & female are welcomed!  We need Vocalists, Trans-lyricist(s) (english), Mixer(s), Artist(s) & Animator(s). If you are an Instrumentalist/ can provide ORIGINAL BG music for the group, YES OF COURSE YOU'RE WELCOMED! You can audition for more than one role. We also need 1-2 more persons to help lead the group (has to have a proper role in group, e.g. singer, love HoneyWorks, have time to manage the extra role, and preferably, but not necessarily, have experience in chorus groups. Do volunteer! )

How things work in the group:
1. Everyone will vote to choose the song to cover.
2. We will do one song at a time
3. Every member needs an OC (original character, aka mascot) for him/herself! The artists will draw them, and it'll be part of the video. Something like this
3. All vocalists will be involved in each project (unless on short, approved break. I understand YouTube isn't life and life is busy at times Smile But you are expected to stay long term!) In rare circumstances only would we do duets/trios/etc.
4. For Mixers & Animators, only one each will work on each project.
5. Artists can decide which method they prefer (rotation or collaboration).
6. Main means of communcation: email/slack, skype/discord

AUDITIONS: Sorry for linking everything here & there, but here is the AUDITION FORM! (For all roles)

- Your best vocaloid/anime cover (or HoneyWorks' songs if you want!) It'll be great if you have both English & Jap covers.

- Your 2 best chorus mixes (must have been mixed alone, preferably with approx 6 singers in each group)

- 2 sets of English translyrics done for a Japanese song that has a storyline (like in HoneyWorks') If you/someone sang your lyrics, do provide the link too! If you're unsure of what 'storyline' means, just show your best work.

- Your best clip of you playing your instrument the way you expect to play it in the group (e.g. strum/fingerstyle for guitar)/ a full song for which you made the instrumentals/off-vocals (orchestra/ music box are considered too, but please provide a non-musicbox instrumental track too)

- 2 of your proudest artworks! You will be needed for chibi art/ character art/ background/manga art (like in Honeyworks' vids), so please state what you're good at/ would like to do.

- 1-2 of your best animations for vocaloid/anime songs. If you can do different styles, show us!



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