Aqours english chorus! DL 1/7/16

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Aqours english chorus! DL 1/7/16

Post by Fluffy Cactus on Mon Jun 20, 2016 8:48 am

I dont know how many Love livers there are. but i have decided to put together a Love live chorus.

I am looking for 8 singers, a mixer, a animator and maybe an artist.
Artist not to worried about since we can find renders if it comes to it : )

General rules:
Don't be rude
Keep to deadlines.

For singers:
Please have a decent mic when auditioning.
Your audition doesnt have to be 1 minute but it has to be long enough for me to get an idea of your voice.
Also please make sure its in english.(This is an english chorus after all)

Mari: Taken

If your worried about sounding like the character dont be its all for fun. //plus its hard to tell whos voice is who at this point xD

Deadline is 1st July

Audition form Singers:

Audition form Mixers/animators/artist:
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