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[COMPLETE] Yamanaiame trio

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[COMPLETE] Yamanaiame trio

Post by KikyoCovers on Sun May 15, 2016 5:26 pm

Forgot that I posted this here, but I managed to find 2 vocalists! Here's the finished product:

Hey guys!

I want to cover YAMANAIAME from Attack on Titan, but I need 2 more vocalists. One of which needs to sing kind of high, and the other just sings the melody essentially. Guy or girl can take part. Not really holding auditions for this, just opening it up to see who is interested, but I will be picking the 2 I like best. I'll give it to the end of the week I guess. Just give me a link to you singing and tell me if you want the mpi or Mika part.
Also I can mix. If someone wants to do a cool video, they can, otherwise I don't mind doing it.

Here's the lyrics here:
And the song:

Have fun!

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