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Tara's Cover Songs

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Tara's Cover Songs

Post by Tara on Mon Mar 28, 2016 4:06 am

Hi! My name's Tara! My channel is
I do a variety of different covers including Anime, Video Game, Vocaloid, and general North American songs!
Occasionally I also do original music!
I've been on YouTube since 2009, but haven't been super active a lot in between uploads in the past! I'm going to be doing a lot more now though!

I’d honestly like some feedback and critique on these if possible, particularly the newer ones as some date back like 4-5 years!

Below are my covers (topmost ones are the most recent):

Latest Cover

~Anime Covers~
ERASED - Sore Wa Chiisana Hikari No Youna (English):

Translyrics + Mix + Vocals: Tara (me)
Instrumental: dj-Jo
Fresh Pretty Cure Opening (English) - PreCureFandubz:

Translyrics: PreCureFandubz
Mix + Vocals: Tara (me)
Fate/Stay Night UBW - Ideal White (Backup Harmonies):

Lead Vocal: Dria-dono
Backup Vocal: Tara (me)
Mix: Minismee
Translyrics: Nicole M
My Neighbor Totoro (Acapella w/ Ocarina):

Translyrics + Mix + Vocals: Tara (me)
Instrumental: dj-Jo
School Days - Namida No Riyuu (English):

Translyrics + Mix: Triv
Vocals: Tara (me)
Chobits - Let Me Be With You (English):

Translyrics + Mix + Vocals: Tara (me)
“Puella Magi Madoka Magica - Connect (English:

Mix + Vocals: Tara (me)
Photo/Photoshop/Video: Tara (me)
Translyrics: Tylec Asroc
Instrumental: Midori Orgel
*Note: Lyrics are the same ones Miku-Tan used for her cover if they seem familiar!

~Video Game Covers~
Fire Emblem Fates - Lost In Thoughts All Alone (English):

Translyrics: Amanda Lee (LeeandLie)
Mix + Vocals: Tara (me)
Instrumental: Winged Souls
To The Moon - Everything's Alright:

Mix + Vocals: Tara (me)
Instrumental: Solfadore
FF XIII - Serah's Theme:

Mix + Filming + Vocals: Tara (me)
The Legend of Zelda - Song of Healing (Vocals) - Extended Lyrics:

Lyrics: ColdFlameZero and Tara (me)
Mix + Vocals: Tara (me)
FF X-2 Vocal Collection - Morning Glow (Japanese):

Mix + Vocals: Tara (me)
Kingdom Hearts II - Sanctuary Virtual Choir Wine Glass Mix (GROUP):

Vocals: Tara (me), Rebear, ValkyrieCeles, Bree, Mellie, Kaiari, Axeldin, and Cody
Mix + Arrangement: Tara (me)

~Vocaloid Covers~
SeeU - I=Fantasy:

Translyrics + Mix + Vocals: Tara (me)

~Western Animation Covers~
The Lion King - Can You Feel The Love Tonight (Elton John Ver. Duet):

Vocals: Tara (me) and KibaTheKute
Mix: Tara (me)
Anastasia - Journey To The Past (Fandub):

Song Mix + Vocals: Tara (me)
SFX by UchihaProject
Frozen - Let It Go:

Mix + Vocals: Tara (me)
Frozen - For The First Time In Forever (Duet):

Vocals: Tara (me) and RosettaChan
Mix: Tara (me)
The Little Mermaid II - For A Moment (Self Duet):

Mix + Vocals: Tara (me)

~General Covers~
Far East Movement - Rocketeer ft. Dr Jay:

Mix + Filming + Vocals: Tara (me)
Instrumental: music4lifemd (Dr Jay)
Choral - Journey In Peace (Piano + Vocal):

Piano+ Mix + Vocals: Tara (me)
Jesse McCartney - Just So You Know (Piano + Vocal):

Piano+ Mix + Vocals: Tara (me)
Zedd ft. Foxes - Clarity:

Mix + Vocals: Tara (me)
Piano: TBA
The Script - Breakeven:

Mix + Filming + Vocals: Tara (me)
Piano: TBA
Coventry Carol (Acapella):

Mix + Vocals: Tara (me)
Selena Gomez - Off The Chain (Piano + Vocal):

Piano+ Mix + Filming +Vocals: Tara (me)
Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas (Piano + Vocal):

Piano + Mix + Vocals: Tara (me)

~Original Songs~
Coming Soon!!! =D

Fresh off the Boat

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Re: Tara's Cover Songs

Post by mysticurry on Mon Mar 28, 2016 5:30 am

oh woww, your voice is super clear and solid!

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